Project Type: 2019

Holiday Wish List

Outdoor Pizza Oven, something like this Witch Weathervane something like this A portable gardener’s seat something like this Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs Skirts with pockets Big Aprons with pockets Cool jars and bottles Hand-operated (non-electric) kitchen gadgets. Esp. a salad spinner, food processor or chopper Really comfy slippers that will support my […]

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August 2019

Thursday, August 1 (Waxing Crescent, Leo) I worked at the office today. I dropped off kiddo at Grandma’s while I was there, which is quite out of the way, so it was about 4 hours of driving on top of 8 hours of sitting in an office staring at a screen. So beat and Migrainish.  […]

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July 2019

Friday, July 11, 2019 (Waxing Scorpio) Justin’s birthday. The Mullein flowers are ready.   Friday, July 12, 2019 (Waxing Sagittarius) Worked at my mom’s office most of the day. Harvested garlic. Hung it up on metal hangers in the garage with a fan. I did stab two bulbs with the fork, so I will be […]

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