Category: Morningbird’s Garden

Growing Tomatoes

Tomatoes are among the most popular garden plants. Store bought tomatoes cannot compare to the flavor and texture of fresh, homegrown tomatoes, still warm from

Growing Celery

A few years ago, I planted three celery plants I bought at the garden center in my herb garden and basically treated them like my

Housewarming Houseplants

If you’re as bummed about the end of the gardening season as I am, you may be thinking of ways to brighten up your indoor

Seeding a Path

  Today the weather was quite nice. Sunny and cool. I decided to let the birds wander loose and spend some time in the garden

Gardening for Butterflies

Many Pagans consider nature to be sacred and enjoy inviting the wild creatures of our neighborhood to share our gardens with us. A butterfly garden


The apple tree is a deciduous, fruit-bearing tree that produces the crisp fruit that gives it its name. It is a relatively small tree, reaching

Gardening by the Moon

Gardening according to the phases of the moon is an ancient practice. Those of us who garden as an expression of our spirituality and our

Tucking in for Winter

If you’re like me, your garden is a magical, meditative place. A retreat that allows you to quietly commune with Nature. A Witch who spends