This rite is to be performed at Yuletide using either a Yule Log candle holder or a Yule Log cake with three candles in it. If you use a Yule log cake, it’s a nice way to end the Yuletide feast. It can also be performed on the night of the Long Night’s Moon.

The first candle represents the people of the past – Our Ancestors
The second candle represents the people of the present – Our Friends and Family
The third candle represents the people of the future – Our children and our children’s children.

I like to do this as part of the┬áSpecial Dinner Family Ritual┬áduring the “prayer” section of the ritual.


“On this, the darkest night of the year, we remember the people we love, the people who have influenced our lives and made us who we are.

For our distant ancestors, winter often meant hunger, sickness, cold and death. A night such as this was a night of uncertainty. But our ancestors were strong, they prevailed over the darkness and because of their strength, we live.”

Light the first candle.

At this time you may choose to remember specific ancestors and share stories you may have heard of hard times they overcame.

“Today we have modern conveniences that light up the darkness, warm the cold and provide cures for diseases that our ancestors could only dream of. Even though we enjoy and embrace the modern technologies that make our lives safer and easier, we remember that it is our loved ones that make life truly full. On this darkest night, we remember all who help us learn, grow, work and play all throughout the year. We honor their impact on our lives and we wish them health, joy, and abundance as the light grows in the coming year.”

Light the second candle.

At this time you may choose to discuss specific people who you are particularly thankful to have in your life or people who have helped you overcome specific obstacles this year.

“The future is unknown to us, but we can be sure there will be hardships as well as joys, that more people will enter our lives as others leave. As we light this final candle, we reaffirm our own commitment to being a light in the darkness of the lives of others, to use our own special skills and talents to serve the Earth and her peoples, to leave the Earth a better place for our children and our children’s children.”

Light the third candle.

At this time you may choose to make “resolutions” for the coming year to demonstrate your commitment.

When the ritual is complete, you can place the log in your ritual fire OR, if you made a yule log cake, eat it.

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