The following chants can be chanted around the circle before or after the wedding or handfasting rite begins or during a procession.

In our time of joy and plenty
We will celebrate together
In our time of pain and fear
We will comfort one another.

The road you travel
Has brought you to this place
Alone you have entered
Together you leave
See these two are now one

~ Dawn Black (c) 2009


When and where you are
Then and there I am
(Traditional ancient Roman)


The following is a processional hymeneal chant. The men and women gather separately some distance from the ritual area and begin their song as they process toward the sacred space.

Women: We are waiting for the bridegroom to come and claim his bride
All: Hymen Hyenaeia
Men: The bridegroom he is coming and we travel at his side
All: Hymen Hyenaeia
Women: Oh I travel to the grove, to find the one I love
All: Hymen Hyenaeia
Men: We are coming to the grove we hold our torches high above
All: Hymen Hyenaeia
(The verses repeat until one group reaches the sacred space. Then whichever group arrives first sings as follows.)
Women: The bride she has arrived at the place that was agreed.
All: Hymen Hyenaeia
Men: The bridegroom has arrived at the place that was agreed
All: Hymen Hyenaeia

~ Dawn Black (c) 2009

Chants I like from Other Folks

Because Like Roots We Intertwine by Nicholas Gordon, a chant for the siblings of the couple.

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