Tir na n-Og, Land of the young
Far away across the sea
Part the waves, oh Mannanan
Show Tir na n-Og to me

Was a maid in Tir na n-Og
Ever young and fair to see
Queen of the young, in Tir na n-Og
Far away across the sea

You shall not wed, her father said
He struck her with a staff of oak
No man will take a sow to bed
And she changed thus as he spoke

Then I shall leave you, father dear
And find a mate in far off lands
I will find one whose eyes are clear
Far away from your cursed hands

She said farewell to Tir na n-Og
And wandered far across the sea
And she came to Ireland through the fog
Oisin Mac Finn for to see

Let me aid you, my fair young man
Your load is heavy and I am strong
Tis a shame, ye have such kindly hands
Yet with a face so foul and wrong

Let me walk with you young man
The way is wanting company
A joy it is to tour the land
With such a clever girl as thee

You naughty boy, I see you stare
As I bare myself in the heat
Forgive me lass, but I am not aware
Of such a perfect form as thee

Do not see the face of a swine
Come away and marry me
Then off we shall my own home to find
Tir na n-Og across the sea

And so he wed and he kissed the hog
And found her face turned bright and fair
Then away they went to Tir na n-Og
Eternal life they were to share

Fair is the land of Tir na n-Og
Where Oisin would soon be king
And who would ever leave fair Tir na n-Og
Where the sound of sidhe song rings

Oh take me off to Tir na n-Og
Show me the way fair Mannanan
And I shall stay forever in Tir na n-Og
By far the fairest of all the lands

~ Dawn Black 2002

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