Red, Green, Gold, Silver, White

Candles, Candelabras, pine cones, glass balls, all things sparkly, fires, lights,

stag, reindeer,

Evergreen trees, Ivy, holly, mistletoe, poinsettia

Cinnamon, ginger, apple, pine, spruce

All Sun foods, all citrus fruit, spiced bread, dried fruit, nuts, smoked meats like ham & fresh meat like mutton, goose or quail, Gingerbread, Gingerbread men, Gingerbread house, Marzipan, Ginger snaps, Eggnog, Fruitcake, Plum pudding, Figgy pudding, Wassail

Holly King, Oak King, Sol, Helios, Apollo, Bacchus, Dionysus, Saturn

Other Symbols
Star, sun, Santa Clause, furry red winter clothing

Book of Shadows
Holy Days

Yule log Ritual

This rite is to be performed at Yuletide using either a Yule Log candle holder or a Yule Log cake with three candles in it. If you use a Yule log cake, it’s a nice way to end the Yuletide feast. It can also be performed on the night of the Long Night’s Moon. The […]

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Book of Shadows
Holy Days

Yuletide Traditions

The feast of midwinter takes place on the Winter Solstice. It is not the middle of winter here, but really only a couple weeks in. Our winter lasts from pretty close to the end of November to April, though snow in October and April are quite common and frost can be expected in both September […]

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Kitchen Witch Corner


The walnut is a majestic tree that provides food and shade to those who truly appreciate them and garden-killers that produce a giant mess of stinky fruit to those who don’t. Walnut trees can be grown from walnuts and squirrels plant them often when they fail to collect their entire winter stash. Walnuts are not […]

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