Kitchen Witch Corner

The Dirt on the Besom

A besom is a witch’s broom and the practical kitchen witch may choose her broom for looks or function or both. Many of us have two or more brooms. One for sweeping dirt indoors, one for sweeping energy indoors or out and maybe another for sweeping outdoors. They may be handmade or mass-produced. 1 There […]

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Almonds displayed on a wooden surface.
Kitchen Witch Corner


Prunus amygdalus or Prunus dulcis Wild almonds contain toxic levels of cyanide, which are accompanied by a bitter taste. Yet early almond growers isolated non-toxic strains and began cultivating them sometime between 2000 and 3000 BCE. The word almond comes from the French allemande, itself derived from the Greek amygdala which gives us the species name of the […]

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Poems and Prose

Wedding Chants

The following chants can be chanted or sung around the circle before or after the wedding or handfasting rite begins or during a procession. In our time of joy and plenty We will celebrate together In our time of pain and fear We will comfort one another. The road you travel Has brought you to […]

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