November, 1st or 2nd, usually.

Black, orange, yellow, brown, red

Candles, fires, Jack-O-Lanterns, skulls, images of the dead, divination tools, nuts and acorns, colored leaves, masks

Stag/buck, cats, rats, bats, owl, raven/crow, jackel, coyote, scorpion any animal considered a guide or messenger of the dead

apples, deciduous trees, esp nut-bearing trees, late-season flowers: asters, chrysanthemums, calendula, cosmos etc.

Apple, copal, sandalwood, wormwood, sage, patchouli, tobacco

• Apples • Apple Cider • Beet Root • Fava Beans • Parsley • Pomegranate • Pumpkin • Turnip • Wine

All Gods of Death and the Underworld, Psychopomps: Hades, Pluto, Persephone, Proserpina, Dis Pater, Thanatos, Osiris, Anubis, Hel, Erishkigal, Nergal, Arawn, Mannanan, Cichol, Donn, Hecate, Hermes, Nephthys, Tuoni, Macaria, Orcus, Aita, Mania, Guédé, Ghede, Baron Samedi, Santa Muerte, Chernobog, etc. The Horned God, Cernnunos, Herne the Hunter

Other Symbols
death, the dead, ancestors, transformation

Apple Butter
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Apple Butter

Apple butter is spiced, cooked apples made smooth and delicious for spreading on toast or serving over waffles. This recipe is my favorite way to use up a big harvest…

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