Milk, whether cow’s milk, goat’s milk, yak’s milk, or human milk represents all the nurturing qualities of the mother of the species and the Mother of all.

Milk can be used as an offering to nature spirits including faeries. It is also a component of many nourishing comfort foods.


milk can, glass, milk
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Element(s):  Water
Planet(s):  Moon
Season: Spring
Sabbat: Imbolc

Gender: Feminine

nurturing, family, mother love, birth, spirituality, fertility

Kitchen Witch Corner

Almond Fudge

Melt in your mouth almond delight – well worth the work. Preparation Time: 2 hours Ingredients: Raw Almonds 1.5 cup milk, several tbsp ghee-1cup, sugar 1.5 cup, water 1.5 cup Directions: 1. Grease a 6x8x2 inch baking dish with ghee. 2. Soak almonds in water for 30mins. 3. Remove the almond skins by rubbing the […]

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