Kitchen Witch Corner

What do I do with all those eggs? (10 Tasty Things)

I have 14 laying hens, 15 if you include the goose. I give eggs away by the dozen to my kids, my parents, my neighbors and a church that gives them away to random people. We eat eggs for breakfast, keep boiled eggs in the fridge for quick snacking and still, we are overrun. This […]

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Kitchen Witch Corner

Magical Eggs Video

This is the first video I am publishing on the new Kitchen Witch Corner Youtube channel. Here I discuss several different methods of using eggs and eggshells in magic including egg divination, cascarilla eggshell powder, and a few odds and ends spell techniques. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel and visit my Patreon if you’d […]

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Book of Shadows
Holy Days

Spring Equinox with the Kids

This is a ritual in that you do it every year to mark the change of season. It’s basically an Easter egg hunt with a bit of spirituality thrown in. It is not a ceremony. I have found that kids don’t stand much on ceremony. This is an at-home activity you can do with your […]

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