Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and the element of Air. It is a masculine, positive fixed sign. The opposing sign is Leo. Aquarian energy is about coming together, being inclusive, bringing about change for change’s sake. Big change. Aquarius hates the status quo. Aquarius energy is unpredictable with sudden flashes of brilliant insight. It is willing to cut all ties to make a fresh start. It is also about being self-sufficient and free, supporting individualism while working toward the betterment of mankind as a whole. Above all, Aquarian energy is about daring to be different.

Aquarian Health Issues

Aquarius rules the joints, especially the ankles, the calves, the nervous system, lymphatic and circular vessels; heart, spine, throat and gonads. Work to heal these body parts during the waxing moon in Aquarius but avoid surgery during the waning or full moon in Aquarius.

Using Aquarian Energy for Magick

Aquarian energy is not helpful for magic for oneself. Instead focus your magical attention on any organizations, businesses or groups you wish to support. This is also good energy for attacting new friends, employees or group members, to strengthen ties between friends and co-workers, and to reveal hidden secrets. This is also good energy for dream work.

Kitchen Witch Corner


The anchovy is an oily saltwater fish abundant in the Mediterranean area where they are heavily utilized in the local cuisine. They are also found in African, Asian and Indian seas and cuisines. Anchovies have been harvested and preserved in salt or oil or dried for centuries and were an important trading commodity in ancient […]

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