The ancients celebrated the end of the barren season, when Persephone returned and Demeter deigned to bless the land with fertility again, and so do we. The barren season to the ancients was the dry summer season, so she travels in opposite directions for us and she’s gone quite a bit longer, too.

In the late winter, we are anticipating her return, even though it’s still pretty dark and barren. She’s not here yet, but we can get the party ready. The month of February will be spent cleaning our home and yard and purifying ourselves and living area in preparation for her return. “Spring cleaning” if you will, inside and out. This rite is a rite of preparation. Persephone is returning soon, and we have to get ready! Not just us, but all of Nature. This rite is intended not only to wake up sleeping Nature spirits to encourage springtime to hurry up, but also to chase away lurking negative energies on your property and in your home.

This is a very simple (and fun) rite. It goes like this:

Everyone in the group should have an instrument, a rattle, a drum, some noise-making device.

Arrange yourselves into a parade- you can dress up for this if you like. Go out into the yard (or public natural area, or if none is available, you may annoy your houseplants instead) and sing the following chant to every living (and nonliving) thing you come upon, especially those that are dormant, while making as much noise as possible with your instruments. Change the name “oak tree” to whatever it happens to be. Throw a grain offering at the poor thing, and move on to your next victim.

Wake up oak tree
Get ready, Kore comes
Get ready for the rite of spring
Wake up oak tree
Get ready Kore comes
All of Nature, wake up and sing

When you are quite worn out from this, return to your nice warm house for cocoa.

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