This is just a little chart to give you an idea of how much you’ll need to plant of each different type in your garden.

Plant recommendations are Per Person you are feeding. If you are only growing for in-season eating, select the number from the “eat fresh” column and multiply it by the number of people you have in your household. You will probably still have extra, assuming no catastrophe strikes your garden. If you are planning to can, freeze, dry and/or pickle your produce for eating all year, multiply the number of people you have that like it by the number in the “for storage” column and add it to what you’re eating fresh.

PlantFresh Use (Per Person)
For StoragePlanting
Eggplant1 plant2 PlantsMay/June
Okra2 plants2 PlantsMay/June
Tomatoes (Slicing)2 plants2 PlantsMay/June
Tomatoes (Sauce)2 Plants4 PlantsMay/June
Squash, Winter/Pumpkin
1 Plant2 PlantsMay/June
Squash, Summer/Zucchini
1 Plant1 PlantMay/June
Lettuce3 PlantsNAEvery 3 weeks
Green Beans3 plants3 plantsEvery 3 weeks June-August
Snap Peas3 plants3 plantsEvery 3 weeks March-June, August
Shelling, Soup Peas6 Plants6 PlantsEvery 3 weeks, March-June
Cabbage1/2 plant1 plantEvery 3 weeks, March-June, August
Brussels Sprouts1 plant2 plantsJuly/August
Cucumber1/2 plant2 plantsJune/July
Cauliflower1 plant2 plantsEvery 3 Weeks, March-June, August
Broccoli1 plant2 plantsEvery 3 weeks, March-June, August
Swiss Chard3 plants6 plantsEvery 6 weeks, March- August
Kale3 plants2 plantsMarch, Then August
Spinach3 plants6 plantsEvery 3 weeks, March-June, August
Potatoes5 plants10 plantsMarch, replant when lifted
Carrots6 plants20 plantsEvery 3 weeks, March-August
Celery2 plants2 plants March, Cut and come again
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