Here is a collection of links to resources that I believe will be of interest to Parents who practice magick and/or adhere to an Earth-based, Pagan or Heathen spiritual philosophy. Please add your own recommendations using the comment button at the bottom.

Arts & Crafts & Activities

KiwiCo sends an age appropriate STEAM activity every month. We’ve been doing this with my little guy since he was 3 and he is always super-excited when his box arrives. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

DIY for kids Teaches kids how to make and do cool things and earn badges. (We are so excited about this one.)

Spiral Scounts Scouting for Pagan kids and magickal families.

Books and Magazines

Pagan Childrens Learning Series Beautifully illustrated books explaining basic concepts and a blog with parenting tips and activities.

Pooka Pages A high quality magazine putting out 8 issues per year on each Sabbat.

Magical Child Books Story books and coloring books specifically for Wiccan children.

Pagan Moonbeams A monthly magazine, no longer printing, but back issues still available.)

Videos, Movies and Shows

Friends of Rupert A video series for Pagan children, there are also story books.

Educational and Homeschool Sites

(Not all Pagan Specific)

Little Pagan Acorns by a Homeschooling mom, lots of Heathen stuff. Not a lot of that available elsewhere!

Skip the School secular resources by the creator of Little Pagan Acorns. Experiential based independent, accredited distance learning school.

FoodMASTER Using food preparation to teach science and math.

National Agriculture in the Classroom Resources for learning about farming and food ways.

Nature, Gardening and Herbal Lore Home of the Herb Fairies and the Wildcraft game.

Feel free to add resource suggestions by using the comment box below (I will add it to a category ASAP)

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