Anise, Pimpinella anisum has a strong licorice flavor and is tasty in teas and cakes. It is soothing to the nervous system and contains plant estrogens. The male energy of Anise is aligned with the planet Jupiter and Mercury and the Air element.

See also star anise

Use anise in preparations for purification, blessing and increasing energy or drink anise tea prior to meditation or divination to increase your psychic awareness and encourage spiritual trance. It can also be drunk before sleep or added to a mojo bag and kept under your pillow to encourage prophetic dreams.

Anise tea is helpful in treating colds with wet cough and stuffy nose. It’s also used to treat gas and abdominal cramping and to improve appetite and digestion. It may also be added to teas to increase lactation in women or fertility in men.

During the height of the Roman empire, anise was baked into wedding cakes to protect the couple and increase fertility.

Element(s): Air 
Planet(s): Jupiter Mercury
Hermes, Apollo, Mercury

Gender: Masculine

blessing, energy, meditation, prophecy, psychic awareness, divination

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