There are many approaches to using magick and creating a meal with magickal intent is a method embraced the Kitchen Witch. Everything in Nature has energy that can be harnessed and directed toward the manifestation of your Will, food included. Whether you prepare and consume your magical meal as a compliment to other magical work, ceremony or spellwork or as a stand-alone spell in and of itself, a little planning will go a long way toward your success.

Here are some tips for preparing a magical meal:

1. Plan your meals ahead of time. This way you will save money and make sure you have the freshest ingredients.

2. Buy local. If you can’t get local, buy organic (or if it’s meat, get pastured). If you can’t get organic (or pastured), buy it cheap. That’s assuming you didn’t grow it yourself, which is best. Seeds planted with intent lead to vegetables grown with intent, food prepared with intent and ultimately powerfully magical meals. To facilitate all of this, cook in season.

3. Treat your culinary workspace like a temple altar. Begin by cleaning and blessing your workspace and evoking your Hearth God or Goddess. Light a candle and invite His/Her presence and blessing.(See my Daily Devotion to Hestia for the prayer that I use.) Leave the candle burning while you work and then snuff it when have completed your work. This helps remind you that you are performing great work here, not just throwing something together to silence the hungry masses.

4. The best materials for magical cooking are copper, cast iron, glass, ceramic or porcelain, and stainless steel- not in that order. Cast iron is the most traditional of readily available options. It also has protective properties. Glass is nice and neutral. It does not interfere with the natural magical energies of the food and supports your energies channeling into it while you cook. Copper increases energy and has properties related to love and luck. Aluminum is OK if you’ve got nothing else. Nonstick is poison, don’t give those people money. Acidic things should be cooked in glass or porcelain, never in copper or aluminum.

5. Kitchen witchery should be drawing magic. Don’t try to cook banishing magic into your food! Stirring sunwise (clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere) helps enhance drawing energy, but don’t get overly obsessive about this. Sometimes it’s a good idea to alternate directions or to stir symbols into your meals, such as a unity symbol or an infinity symbol.

6. Focus! While you are stirring, cutting, kneading, etc. stay focused on your intent and remember to think positive. Sing while you’re cooking, like the Swedish Chef from the Muppet Show. While things are rising, simmering, baking and boiling, you don’t have to focus so much but you can take this time to clean up your work area, plan tomorrow’s meal, research your ingredients, set a beautiful table or meditate on what a great meal you’re making. You should not take this time to go watch TV or run errands (unless you’re using the slow cooker) because this leads to scattered energy and burned food and you should certainly avoid getting into arguments if you can manage it.

7. Set a beautiful table! Bring your intention to the table. Decorate with flowers and colors (candles, plates, napkins, tablecloth) that support the energy you’re trying to cultivate and let all the diners know the purpose of the magic so they too can focus on it while they eat.

8. Eat consciously with focus and gratitude. Say a prayer of thanksgiving (See my Thanksgiving Prayer.) before diving in, or at least take a moment to remember all of the people, plants and animals that gave of themselves so that you could enjoy this meal and speak the intention you cooked into your meal out loud as part of your prayer. Sit down. Savor every bite. Chew thoroughly. Don’t read or watch TV while eating but do enjoy good conversation with people you love.

9. Leave a small offering to your household Gods or ancestral spirits. If you are eating food you grew in your own yard, be sure to offer a bit back to the genius loci outside too.

10. Put away your leftovers and clean up your kitchen. Remember the food is sacred so don’t waste it. Remember also that your kitchen is your temple. Keep it clean!

Have I made Kitchen Witchery seem complicated? It’s not. If you can cook and you can hold an idea in your head for more than a few minutes then you’ve got everything you need. Kitchen Witchery is a creative art without a lot of rules. Oh yes, there are correspondences and elements and planets & etc. but they are really not that important. Bring them in if you’re into it and don’t stress them if they cause you stress. What is important is your creativity and your intention. You know what foods evoke love for you and what foods evoke wealth and luxury, you don’t need a correspondence table for that! Just cook!

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