In choosing a color scheme for your wedding, you may simply wish to choose colors that appeal to the both of you or maybe that look good together. Or perhaps you have an article of clothing that has been passed down the generations that you wish to wear and you’ll build your color scheme around it. Or maybe you have a favorite flower, or a bird, or a piece of art whose colors you wish to incorporate into your wedding. Whatever you choose is right.

Many members of the magical community like to choose the various aspects of their ceremonies, including wedding and handfasting ceremonies, according to their magical energies and symbolism and colors can fall right into this category.

The Color White

The color white is the modern traditional color for bridal gowns. This tradition only dates back to 1840 when Queen Victoria of England made it fashionable by wearing a white lace gown for her wedding. Prior to this, wedding dress colors were much more variable and the average woman simply wore her best dress. Very wealthy women chose elaborately embroidered brocades. Red was popular, but so was black, grey, blue and yellow. A white dress was impractical and was a way to show the world that the bride’s family could afford a dress that was easily ruined and that she would only wear once. It really has nothing to do with virginity or innocence. The veil has more to do with that.

However, from a magical standpoint, the color white is associated with initiation and rites of passage and a wedding certainly is that. It also symbolizes transformation and blessing. White is also a protecting color. All of this is good for weddings.

The color white also has the advantage of coordinating with most other colors. So, if you choose to wear white at your wedding, you give yourself a great deal of freedom when choosing colors for the rest of the wedding party, your decorations and your bouquet. Bright colors especially look good next to white. A bright red bouquet is stunning in the hands of a bride dressed all in white.

The Color Black

Black used in combination with the color white represents balance and the union of opposing forces. So if one partner wear’s white and the other wear’s black, you have a perfect balance representing yin and yang, male and female, God and Goddess, night and day, the cycle of life, etc. etc. etc. It is also a symbol for beginnings and rebirth. Good for weddings.

Black also coordinates quite well with other colors, especially bright colors.

It is true that black is associated with death, the underworld and etc. but most colors have at least a passing association with death (White is a color of mourning in many cultures) and death is but a gateway to rebirth. Death itself is a symbol for initiations as most initiation rites involve a symbolic death to make way for rebirth.

The Color Red

Red is the color of passion, joy and energy. It is an optimistic color. It is also associated with blood, birth and fertility so it’s a good addition to your wedding ceremony. Red can be an overpowering color, however, so make sure to break it up with contrasting accents to keep it from becoming angry and aggressive.

Some colors that coordinate well with red are:
Gold, black, white, green, blue, ivory

Follow the links below to see some examples

The Color Pink

Pink is a sexy color with much of red’s energy cooled down just a little. It is calming and romantic and represents harmony and friendship. This makes it perfect for weddings. Pink is a good choice if you prefer a more muted approach to your color scheme. There are many shades of pink, from the palest dusty pink to rose to hot pink and your choice should reflect your personality. Paler pinks are more demure, hot pink is bold and sassy.

Some colors that coordinate well with pink are:
Green, silver, gray, yellow, white, blue, pastels, brown

See some examples at-

The Color Orange

Orange is bold, friendly color that lightens the mood and encourages connections between people. Orange represents happiness. Can you look at it without smiling? Associated with the sun, it also represents growth and abundance. You have to use orange carefully but it can really make your decor pop. If you don’t want to be too bold, consider a more peachy shade. Decorating your centerpieces with citrus fruits, peaches and apricots brings fruitful and healthful energy to your wedding reception.

Some colors that coordinate well with orange are:
Red and yellow can look good with orange, play with your shades. A bit of purple can also work if you tread carefully. A medium blue, turquoise or tropical green compliments orange and makes it pop. Black can also go well with orange, if you don’t mind looking like you’re decorating for Halloween. White and orange are a very nice combination.

The Color Yellow

Yellow symbolizes friendship. It banishes negativity and inspires creativity. If your partner is your best friend, yellow might be the best color for your wedding.

Some colors that look good with yellow are:
black (be careful of the bumblebee effect), green, orange, blue and purple.

The Color Green

Green represents rebirth and new beginnings and is a color of transformation as well as deepening relationships and trust. It also represents prosperity. Green is the color I chose for my own wedding gown, my scheme was green, gray and purple.

Colors that look good with green:
purple, silver, gray, red

The Color Blue

The color blue represents the element of water, which represents emotions. Blue is the color of fidelity, loyalty and peace. It is very appropriate for a wedding. Men of the wedding party (including the groom) may balk at wearing a tuxedo of any non-traditional color, but you can usually get them to wear navy blue.

Some colors that look good with blue:
Yellow, orange, red, white

The Color Purple

Purple is a powerful color representing deep communication and spirituality. It can help to heal emotional wounds of the past to make room for new emotional experiences. The color purple ranges from royal purple, to violet, to lavender to the palest dusty purple and any of these can work in a wedding color scheme.

Some colors that work well with purple are:
green, silver, white, gray, yellow

The Color Brown

Brown is a good, solid, stable color. It is a color of new beginnings, of firm foundations and of stability. It is also a warm, friendly color.

Colors that work well with brown
Gold, yellow, green, ivory, pink, white, orange, blue, white, most pastels

The Color Gray

Gray is a restful, neutral color. It is neither black nor white, it is a compromise of the two. It helps to mellow out more intense energies of other colors and mediates contrasting energies. As such, it works well with many other colors that you may incorporate into your wedding color scheme. If a black tuxedo doesn’t fit into your color scheme, the men may agree to wear gray instead. This color looks well with many pastels and cool colors such as blue, purple and green.

The Color Silver

Silver, like gray is neutral and works best with pastels and cool colors. It evokes the energy of the moon which concerns itself with the welfare of women, the hearth and household, domestic matters, and marriage. It’s a good color for trim, ribbons and jewelry.

The Color Gold

Gold is firey, sun energy. It is masculine, protective and encourages prosperity and wealth. Gold works best with warm colors, such as red, orange and yellow and looks striking against black or white. Use gold as an accent color in trim, ribbons and jewelry.
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