According to astrologers, individuals have a number of characteristics determined by their sun sign, including specific nutritional requirements and the tendency to develop certain health problems. Therefore, some foods are considered better for certain signs than others. The table below shows those foods commonly recommended for each sign.

If you are doing a magic spell according to the lunar energies of the day, you may wish to prepare a meal that suits your intention from among the foods listed here. However, you will have better luck if you work according to the correspondences of their ruling planets. See also Planetary Correspondence.

Aries apricot, banana, beans, broccoli, brussels sprouts, capers, cauliflower, cheese, cucumber, flounder, figs, garlic, kale, lamb, lentils, lettuce, olives, paprika, pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, brown rice, spinach, swordfish, veal, yogurt
Taurus asparagus, beans, beet root, butter, beef, bread, cauliflower, celery, cherries, chickpeas, coriander, cranberries, cucumber, horseradish, mint, nuts, onions, radish, saffron, scallops, spinach, swiss chard
Gemini almond, apple, apricot, carrot, cauliflower, cayenne, chamomile, celery, fennel, fish, garlic, ginger, grapes, green beans, lemon, lettuce, nuts, oranges, peaches, pistachios, plums, raisins, shellfish, spinach, tomatoes, watermelon, wild rice, yogurt
Cancer banana, broccoli, beet root, cabbage, cauliflower, cheese, crab, cucumber, eggplant, eggs, honeydew melon, oats, oysters, pine nut, pumpkin, rice, tomatoes, lychee, watercress, wheat, yogurt
Leo caviar, cayenne, fig, foie gras, grapes, honey, lobster, marzipan
Virgo cornbread, kale, mulberry, mushroom, oats, papaya, parsnip
Libra avocado, berries, celery, marshmallows, peaches, peas, violets, watercress
Scorpio eggplant, mushroom, asparagus, basil, chocolate, strawberries, coffee, cardamom, ginger, black pepper
Sagittarius apple, olives, currants, cucumber, sage, beets, chicken, cinnamon
Capricorn barley, cloves, banana, cabbage, celery, lamb, spinach, walnut
Aquarius anchovies, duck, heart of palm, rice, pineapple, tuna, vanilla, whipped-cream
Pisces almond, endive, artichoke, leek, salmon, seaweed, sugarcane, tarragon
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