Purpose- The purpose of the all-purpose magnet spell is to draw a specific type of energy to yourself or to an area.

Timing- Anytime from the New through Waxing moon is suitable. The zodiac sign and day of the week are not really important and vary according to the specific purpose of the spell.

For this spell you will need
1. A container – You may use a jar or bottle, a blown out egg, a clear glass Christmas ornament with a top you can pop off, a small bag or sachet. You can decorate your container however you like and display it proudly in your home or place of business or tuck it away someplace discrete.

2. Several items to represent your intention.
To draw love- rose petals, forget-me-not, daisy, violet, rose quartz crystal, diamond, ring, a personal item that was a gift from a loved one, the word “love” on a piece of paper, Xs and Os on a piece of paper, a lipstick kiss on paper. Use your imagination. Anything Venus, Taurus. Friday is a good day.
To draw sexual energy – a condom, lipstick, cinnamon, carnelian, bloodroot, pornographic images, sex toys. Anything Scorpio, Leo or Mars. Friday is a good day for this.
To draw money – money, coins, silver, gold, dollar signs, jewelry, cinnamon, coltsfoot, bayberry, nuts, grains, ambergris, honeysuckle, nutmeg, peridot, calcite, citrine, etc. Anything Earth element, also Sun. Sunday is a good day.
To draw clients or customers – Basil, bay leaf, high john, hematite, honey, other sweet things, bees, ants, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Gemini (depending on what type of business you’re in) or Mercury. Wednesday is a good day.
To draw in health/healing energy copper, sapphire, ruby, apple, sage, hawthorn, olive, garlic. Anything Sun. Leo, Sunday is a good day.
If there’s anything else you’re looking at, do some research, use your imagination, etc.

1. Cleanse your container.
2. Charge each item.
3. Place each item in the container while speaking out loud what its purpose is. Seal container.
4. Visualize the required energy being attracted to the container.
5. Place the container somewhere handy. Put it on display if it’s pretty.
6. Touch your magnet periodically and refresh the drawing visualization.

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