Few foods are as versatile and steeped in folklore as garlic. Over the centuries it has earned a reputation as potent protection from just about everything including vampires, the plague, fleas, the common cold, and tigers.

Egyptian laborers ate garlic to stay healthy and strong and Greek and Roman soldiers ate garlic for similar purpose. Archaeological evidence suggests the use of garlic for medicine more than 5000 years ago.

Modern herbalists suggest garlic for general immunity, to get rid of and prevent parasites and fungal infections and to lower cholesterol and to prevent cancer and heart disease.

Garlic is the classic pairing for Italian food. To turn any loaf of bread into garlic bread, split it lengthwise and butter it generously, then sprinkle it with minced garlic and put it under the broiler until it starts to turn golden.

A wreath or braid of garlic is not only a quaint and attractive household decoration, it helps to keep away negative energies and evil spirits.

Garlic is rich in phosphorus, calcium, selenium, manganese, and vitamins B6 and C

garlic, cloves, vegetable
Clker-Free-Vector-Images (CC0), Pixabay

Element(s): Fire
Planet(s): Mars
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Season: Winter

Gender: Masculine

protection, health, strength, endurance, male fertility, male potency, courage, inspiration


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