Air energy is concerned with the pursuit of knowledge, intellectual and spiritual.

Air Magick

The element of air is used in magic related to divination, seeking knowledge, education, travel, visualization and concentration. It is cleansing and refreshing, leaving us alert and ready to share wisdom with others, whether we are giving or receiving.

Air Healing

Air is warm and moist.

Patients who are suffering from blackouts, shortness of breath, difficulty expressing or an inability to understand basic concepts may benefit from a meal heavy in air element foods.

Patients who already have too much air going on may be absent-minded, frivolous, easily distracted, gossipy, over-thinking things, unable to focus and may suffer from gas or bloating. These would benefit from some earth foods.

The element of air is associated with the respiratory and circulatory systems, arms and legs, speech, the mind and imagination and the sense of smell.

Air Symbols

Air is symbolized by the colors yellow, gray and violet. It is associated with the planets Jupiter and Mercury and the zodiac signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Air metals are tin and copper. Copper is recommended for cooking as it distributes heat well, but it should be coated with another material to prevent copper from entering the food.

Air stones are transparent, lightweight or reflective; topaz, mica, quartz, aventurine, pumice.

All flying animals are associated with the element of air.

Air Plants

Air plants tend to have feathery leaves or flowers. Any fruit tends to be dry and seed pods may be released to fly away on the wind. Their fragrances are sometimes quite strong, but often very light. They are always eye-opening and refreshing.

Air Foods

Air foods tend to have a light, fresh fragrance and a cool, refreshing flavor without being too juicy. Eating air foods can heighten your understanding and spiritual awareness.

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