This table list the foods in my database with the keywords I have assigned to them based on their correspondences. Each food item is linked to its article and you should follow the link to read the entire article to get a proper idea of how and why to use the food for any magical or mundane culinary purpose. Many include spellwork suggestions and links to recipes.

Herb Keywords
Alfalfa abundance calming employment luck money soothing stress
Allspice business gambling health luck money success wealth
Almond inspiration intuition prosperity research weddings wisdom
Amaranth immortality youth
Amaretto prosperity wisdom
Anchovies aphrodisiac lust
Anise awareness blessing divination energy meditation prophecy psychic
Apple Cider abundance celebration gratitude harvest
Apples health longevity love peace rebirth strength vision
Apricot attitude disposition passion peace romance sweeten
Artichoke growth lust personal protection
Asparagus grounding lust sex tonic
Avocado beauty femininity fertility health sex
Baking Powder
Baking Soda
Bamboo Shoots luck protection
Banana child fun happiness inner innocence love money prosperity sex spirituality wisdom
Barley fertility money offerings potency prosperity sex
Basil harmony love money protection
Bay Leaf achievement awareness creativity divination dreams education healing powers protection psychic purification wishing
Beans money protection sex
Beef energy excitement strength
Beer health prosperity purification
Beet Greens fae money prosperity underworld
Beet Root beauty blood fertility love rebirth survival
Bell Pepper comfort energy prosperity security strength
Blackberry abundance fertility money prosperity protection sex wealth
Blueberries acceptance peace positive protection warding
Bok Choy healing prosperity
Brazil Nut fertility love
Broccoli leadership strength
Brussels Sprouts courage luck nutrition protection rebirth stability
Buckwheat abundance employment money prosperity
Butter communication energies enhancing reconciliation spirituality
Cabbage fertility health longevity love money protection
Calendula consecration love protection warding weddings
Cardamom clarity eloquence fertility love lust marriage sex
Carrot banish clarity clear dispel fertility illusions sex vision
Cashew energy increased money
Cauliflower cycles female feminine lunar
Cayenne banishing cleansing protection purification
Cherries creativity divination energy fertility love playfulness potency sex
Chestnuts abundance fertility foresight longevity love mental strength
Chicken fertility healing health nurturing
Chickpeas fertility frigidity impotence motherhood
Chives addictions bad banishing depression dispel habits joy protection sex
Cinnamon comfort love prosperity protection purification scrying
Cloves clarity gossip illusions lies love money protection warding
Cocoa joy love lust money spirituality
Coconut abundance beginnings chastity diversity health new protection purification spirituality
Coconut Milk healing health innocence nourishing purification purity
Coconut Oil diversity spirituality
Coffee clarity divination energy mental thought
Corn abundance protection spirituality
Cornstarch thickener
Cranberries banish negativity protection purification
Cream of Tartar
Cucumber chastity fertility healing
Dandelion divination healing health perseverance strength wishes
Dates death fertility resurrection sex
Dill children courage focus lust money protection soothing stress uncrossing
Egg creation fertility mysteries rejuvenation spirituality
Eggplant prosperity wealth
Fava Beans dead luck
Garlic courage endurance fertility health inspiration male potency protection strength
Ghee vitality
Ginger energy health love lust money power prosperity stimulating success
Grape abundance awareness dreams love luck prophecy prosperity psychic romance sensuality sleep spirituality wealth
Grapes abundance awareness dreams love luck prophecy prosperity psychic romance sensuality sleep spirituality wealth
Honey eloquence happiness health love optimism purification sex spirituality weddings wisdom
Horseradish banishing empowering exorcism purification warding
Lavender clarity fertility love mind relaxation rest
Lemon addiction bad breaking friendship habits happiness love purification
Lemon Balm cheer energy health joy rest
Lemon Verbena anxiety cleansing discord luck mind purification refreshing release sleep
Lemongrass clear-headedness healing health joy peace purification strength uplifting
Lentils energy harmony peace tranquility
Lettuce rest sexual sleep stamina
Licorice binding control healing love protection sex
Lime cleansing healing love purification
Maple Syrup longevity love luck wealth
Milk birth family fertility love mother nurturing spirituality
Millet money wealth
Mushroom awareness courage healing health hidden physical psychic strength truths
Mustard alertness courage healing protection
Mustard Seed accidents healing health illness trouble
Nutmeg gambling luck money prosperity
Oats beauty healing health heart money prosperity skin tonic
Okra abundance blessing cleansing generosity invisibility purifying uncrossing
Olive abundance beauty conception fertility joy marriage peace protection sex
Onion banishing energy fertility health male oaths potency promises protection psychic spiritual virility warding
Orange alertness clarity fertility happiness health love virginity wealth weddings
Oregano dreams health heartbreak homesickness legal loneliness luck peace powers privacy protection psychic tranquility
Parsley accidents ancestors appetite astral funerals liminal mood otherworlds poisoning protection purification travel
Pear babies energy enthusiasm fruitfulness immortality longevity love lust separation strength
Pecan employment money prosperity
Plantain burdens healing spirit spirituality
Plum admiration adoration health love protection respect
Pomegranate abundance beauty divination fecundity fertility fidelity longevity luck rebirth wealth
Potato compassion potency protection wishing
Pumpkin abundance divination healing money prosperity
Raisin abundance joy
Rice abundance fertility prosperity protection security treasure wealth
Rose Hips abundance confidence cooperation health luck mutual protection respect strength
Rose Petals depression dreams friendship love relieve romance secrecy silence
Rosemary love loyalty memory remembrance
Saffron fertility love lust wealth
Sage decisions fertility health protection warding
Salt banishing exorcism protection
Spaghetti Squash abundance
Spinach fortitude general health money physical prosperity strength
Stock healing nutrition
Strawberries joy love peace perfection prosperity righteousness youth
Sugar banishing enhancing preserving protection
Sunflower Seeds abundance beginnings confidence fertility growth harvest leadership loyalty rebirth wealth
Sweet Potato comfort love nurturing sex
Tarragon banishing dragons negativity
Tea alertness clarity consciousness divination meditation
Thyme awareness dreams emotions healing love protection psychic purification sleep
Tomato health love luck money protection warding werewolves
Turkey confidence gratitude thanksgiving
Turmeric healing purification
Turnip banishing warding
Turnip Greens growth money
Vanilla beauty calming clarity comfort disposition love mood soothing sweeten trust
Vinegar healing health protection
Walnut abundance awareness death fertility love rebirth
Watercress aphrodisiac detox healing longevity strength tonic wisdom
Wheat abundance conception fertility money prosperity rebirth renewal
Whipped Cream celebration joy youth
Wine communion sharing union
Yogurt grounding inspiration spirituality
Zucchini abundance prosperity protection sex spirituality