Many magical and spiritual systems believe that it is important for magical work, for health and well being, and indeed for functioning in every day life to have the elements balanced within you and in your environment. There area variety of ways to do this and eating foods corresponding to these elements is one way. Many magical cooks utilize these elemental correspondences to choose a menu that is balanced across the elemental energy spectrum when not working for a particular goal in order to ensure that these elemental energies remain in balance.

Elemental correspondences of food can be used in many ways. In some healing systems, people who are unwell may be believed to be out of balance of certain elements. In these cases, the Kitchen Witch may seek to restore the balance by offering meals that resonate strongly with the element which is weakest in the ill person. This method can be used to balance emotional upsets as well. A fiery temper may be cooled with a meal that resonates with the water element, for instance.

Remember also that Kitchen Witchery is a simple form of Alchemy so Alchemical rules apply when preparing meals. Like attracts like, so a Witch who desires to bring something into her life, may choose foods that correspond to related elemental energies. For example, a witch who needs a little extra cash flow might choose foods that resonate with the elemental energy of Earth for material gain. For more specific applications, the clever Kitchen Witch or Domestic Alchemist, might turn to Planetary Correspondence instead. It is important to note that while Kitchen Witchery and indeed any sort of Alchemy is good for drawing energy and matters of transformation, it is not suitable for banishing magic.

Below is a brief explanation of the correspondences for each element and a list of foods in our database that carry their elemental energy. For more detail, click on the names of the elements (or foods). You will note that many foods appear under more than one element. Not only is classification very subjective based upon the experiences of different individuals, different traditions ascribe different characteristics to the elements. That being said, if you strongly disagree with a correspondence you read here or anyone else, by all means feel free to disregard it and make up your own. If your energy is not in harmony with what you're doing, it's not going to work out well anyway.


Earth energy is helpful in any magical work relating to material matters including employment, money and all business-related magic. Magic relating to physical health, strength, fertility, birth, death and rebirth is also supported by the energy of the Earth element. Foods resonating with the energy of the element of Earth is also useful in matters relating to plants and animals, the environment and ecology. Earth is grounding and fortifying. Earth is dry and cold, solid and practical. Most grains are Earth foods.

Some foods that correspond to the element of Earth include:

AlfalfaAllspiceAlmondAmaranthAvocadoBaking SodaBarleyBeerBeet GreensBeet RootBlackberryBlueberriesBlueberriesBrazil NutBuckwheatButterCashewCheeseChestnutsCorn
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Air energy supports magical goals focused on strengthening the conscious mind and gaining knowledge, and wisdom, including matters related to teaching and learning in on both mundane and spiritual levels. Anything related to the mind, thought and philosophy resonates with the energy of the element of air. The air element also relates to travel, communication and organization. Air is hot and humid, quick and absent-minded.

Some Air energy foods include:

AlmondAmarettoAniseApricotArtichokeBaking PowderBaking SodaBamboo ShootsBananaBeansCeleryCheeseCherriesChestnutsDandelionDillHoneyLavenderLemongrassLemon Verbena
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Water energy is creative and emotional. The energy of the Water element is useful in matters concerning all kinds of relationships including romantic love, family harmony, friendships and all sorts of partnerships. Also creative endeavor can be supported with water elemental energy. The Water element is also useful in spiritual matters including meditation, divination, purification and opening up to spiritual experience. Water is moist and cool and water foods tend to either grow in water or be juicy and refreshing.

Some water energy foods include:


Fire is active and passionate. Include the element of fire in your magical cooking when you need some extra energy or a boost of courage. The energy of the element of Fire is useful in magic relating to purification, strength, protection, leadership and sex. Fire is hot and dry. Fire foods are often warming and spicy and get your blood pumping.

Some fire energy foods include:

AllspiceArtichokeBasilBay LeafBeefBell PepperCalendulaCardamomCarrotCashewCayenneChickenChivesCinnamonClovesCocoaCoffeeCornCornstarchDill
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