This rite is a wonderful way for the many people to offer their blessings and well-wishes to one person or a household. It is suitable for use during a betrothal or wedding ceremony, at the wedding feast or bridal shower and may also be adapted for other rites of passage.

A wreath is presented and members of the family and circle of friends add different items to the wreath to represent blessings they wish for the the people or person being honored. The wreath then serves as a powerful talisman that can be hung in the home or personal space of the person or people meant to receive the blessing.

A wreath is created out of whatever material is on hand, I recommend grapevine, as it is symbolic in its own right, but willow, evergreen boughs, and straw also work. You may wish to use hot glue or florist tape or wire to add the additional items.

I find it better to start with fresh herbs and flowers and allow them to dry on the wreath. Dried flowers may crumble as you attempt to fasten them. Or, you may opt for artificial plants. No judgement.

Alternately, you may wish bless a besom (broom) in similar fashion, rather than a wreath.

Presenting the Wreath

The first person presents the bare-bones wreath and explains its significance. It is a circle, with no beginning and no end. It represents their vows and the rings that symbolize these vows.

It can be made of a variety of natural materials, including a foam or metal form. Whatever works best for your group. Here are some natural possibilities so you can incorporate their symbolism into your blessing.

Apple Twigs - the joy of youth, beauty, health

Aspen Twigs - Overcoming fear and doubt, determination, protection from thieves

Birch Twigs - Cleansing the path and preparing the way for new beginnings.

Boxwood - Strength and social prominence

Grapevine- abundance and transformation, flexibility.

Moss- Protection and power

Olive branches - Peace, victory, strength and reward.

Pine Boughs - Rebirth, resurrection, eternal life, striving for one's goals


Willow - Learning from the past and fulfilling wishes

Pussy Willow

Adding the Blessings

Each person participating in turn adds more items to the wreath, each time explaining its significance and placing a related blessing on the couple, or on the wreath to act as a talisman. If there aren't many people in the party, folks can feel free to add several items, instead of just one each.

Here are some suggestions:

Amaranth - Protection of health, invisibility

Anise - Luck

Aster - love

Avena - (Oat) Abundance, fertility

Baby's breath- purity, innocence, honesty, truth and everlasting love.

Bachelor's Button/Cornflower - Love

Bay Laurel- General protection, blessing, strength

Bittersweet- Protection of health



Chrysanthemum - Protection and nobility

Cotton bolls - Luck, protection of health

Daisy - Love and lust

Dusty Miller

Echinops - Strong intentions

Eucalyptus - Wealth and abundance, protection of health

Everlasting - Health and longevity

Fern - Wisdom, Luck and riches, youth and general protection

Feverfew - Protection of health.

Goldenrod- Money drawing

Holly - Overcoming anger and general protection

Honeysuckle - Protection and money drawing

Juniper - being true to yourself along life's journey

Lemon Verbena - Love and protection

Lamb's Ear

Lavender - Long love and life, peace and happiness

Larkspur - Health and protection

Mistletoe - Love and fertility, general protection, strengthens all other spell components.

Oak Leaves - Strength


Ivy - Protection


Maple Leaves - Wisdom and balance

Marjoram- Love and happiness. Protection of health and wealth.

Pine - Reaching for the stars and rebirth and eternal life.

Roses symbolize Venus and love. Different colors may specify different meanings: Red for passion and true love; yellow for friendship and joy; white for humility, loyalty, purity of intention and thought; pink for elegance, gentleness, gratitude and happiness; Orange for enthusiasm, creativity, excitement; lilac or purple for enchantment and desire.

Rosemary - Remembrance


Sage - Longevity and wisdom, wishes




Tea - Wealth and courage

Thyme - Health and courage



Wisteria - Romance and enduring love.

Yarrow - Courage and love

You may wish to add other decorative items to the wreath for added symbolism.



Berries - Most berries are protective and money drawing.




Cinnamon Sticks - Protection, wealth and success in money matters, lust


Fruit - Most fruits represent fertility, love and abundance

Garlic bulbs - Protection of health and from thieves and evil spirits.

Gourds- Abundance


Peppers - Protection from and breaking hexes. Fidelity.



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