The Rose Ceremony is a great little ceremony that can be incorporated into your larger wedding, handfasting or betrothal ceremony. Keep in mind, it doesn't have to be a rose and it doesn't have to be a red rose. You can pick flowers that have meaning to you.

In this ceremony, the bride and groom exchange a single red rose as their first act as a married couple and they promise to continue exchanging roses throughout their lives in order to remind themselves of today.

Where do the roses come from?

  • The mothers may bring the roses into the ceremony and present them each to her own child at this time.
  • The roses may be placed on the altar ahead of time in anticipation of this rite.
  • The groom may take a rose from his boutineer and the bride one from her bouquet.
  • Other members of the bridal party may provide the roses, this is a good task for the children in the party.

Someone usually guides the bride and groom through this ceremony. Who it will be depends on you. It may be the officiant, a good friend or the matriarch of one of the families. The mothers or matriarchs could do it together, each taking turns saying things.

What is said?

  • The rose that is your first gift to each other as a married couple symbolizes your love and commitment.
  • Each year on your anniversary you should exchange a single rose to commemorate your love and remind yourselves of your vows and how you felt on this day.
  • If ever your relationship is troubled, and you can't find the right words, gift your partner with a single red rose to let them know that you still honor your vows and remember how you felt this day.

Whoever is guiding you through the ceremony may want to write what they are going to say themself. If a pre-written script is desired or inspiration needed, you can visit the following sources: