Norway Spruce

Picea abies

Norway Spruce is a fast growing (up to 3 feet per year for the first 15 years) conifer native to Europe. It can reach 115 to 180 feet tall. It is invasive in some parts of the US

Norway Spruce is a Evergreen plant that grows best in zones 3 through 7
Light requirements: part sun 
Soil Requirements: moderately rich
Moisture requirements: moderately moist


Brown Cones

appear in the Winter


Brown Cones

appear in the Fall.

Norway Spruce is best planted in the Spring for a Winter harvest

Norway Spruce is drought tolerant.
Norway Spruce is shade tolerant

Growing Norway Spruce


Incompatible Plants

Potential Pests and Diseases

Uses for Norway Spruce

Norway spruce is used for paper production and for tonewood for musical instruments. Spruce needles are rich in vitamin C and are used in tea or in baths for treatment of respiratory infections.

Norway Spruce Folklore

Magickal Correspondences for Norway Spruce
Element(s): Earth Air
Planet(s): Jupiter Saturn
Zodiac Signs:

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