Planning Your Garden: How Much to Plant

PlantFresh Use (Per Person)
For StoragePlanting
Eggplant1 plant2 PlantsMay/June
Okra2 plants2 PlantsMay/June
Tomatoes (Slicing)2 plants2 PlantsMay/June
Tomatoes (Sauce)2 Plants4 PlantsMay/June
Squash, Winter/Pumpkin1 Plant2 PlantsMay/June
Squash, Summer/Zucchini
1 Plant1 PlantMay/June
Lettuce3 PlantsNAEvery 3 weeks
Green Beans3 plants3 plantsEvery 3 weeks June-August
Snap Peas3 plants3 plantsEvery 3 weeks March-June, August
Shelling, Soup Peas6 Plants6 PlantsEvery 3 weeks, March-June
Cabbage1/2 plant1 plantEvery 3 weeks, March-June, August
Brussels Sprouts1 plant2 plantsJuly/August
Cucumber1/2 plant2 plantsJuly/August
Cauliflower1 plant2 plantsEvery 3 Weeks, March-June, August
Broccoli1 plant2 plantsEvery 3 weeks, March-June, August
Swiss Chard3 plants6 plantsEvery 6 weeks, March- August
Kale3 plants2 plantsMarch, Then August
Spinach3 plants6 plantsEvery 3 weeks, March-June, August
Potatoes5 plants10 plantsMarch, replant when lifted
Carrots6 plants20 plantsEvery 3 weeks, March-August
Celery2 plants2 plants March, Cut and come again

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