The Code of Hospitality

The code of hospitality is an ancient code common to just about every ancient culture and moral code. What it states basically is that anyone

What Witches Know

I have been thinking about this a lot lately: The knowledge that I possess (or hope to eventually possess) that I attribute to being a

Adventures in Knitting

I love to knit but like so many things I love to do (like singing and dancing) I do so with much more enthusiasm than

Some Samhain History

Samhain originated as a Gaelic festival. The word is from the name for the month of November. A popular translation of the word is “Summer’s

Apple Butter

Apple butter is spiced, cooked apples made smooth and delicious for spreading on toast or serving over waffles. This recipe is my favorite way to


The apple tree is a deciduous, fruit-bearing tree that produces the crisp fruit that gives it its name. It is a relatively small tree, reaching

Diving Into The Cauldron

The Witches cauldron is the stuff of legend and indeed cauldrons feature in folklore from many cultures. While cauldrons haven’t always been associated with witches

All Purpose Magnet Spell

Purpose- The purpose of the all-purpose magnet spell is to draw a specific type of energy to yourself or to an area. Timing- Anytime from

Astrological Correspondences of Food

According to astrologers, individuals have a number of characteristics determined by their sun sign, including specific nutritional requirements and the tendency to develop certain health