The walnut is a majestic tree that provides food and shade to those who truly appreciate them and garden-killers that produce a giant mess of

Circling Groups for Children

It is my experience that pagan parents usually have one of two choices when it comes to public (or private group) Sabbat and Esbat observations:

Devotional Rite Outline

This ritual outline is designed for private practice but it can easily be adapted for family or group practice. It is specifically for honoring the

Wedding Chants

The following chants can be chanted or sung around the circle before or after the wedding or handfasting rite begins or during a procession. In

Midwinter Musings

I’ve been pretty grumpy lately, frustrated with the fact that I miss the Sun’s whole show since it rises as I walk into work and

Tir Na Nog

Tir na n-Og, Land of the young Far away across the sea Part the waves, oh Mannanan Show Tir na n-Og to me Was a