I have named my path The Homeward Path. In this section I will outline its basic tenets. The Homeward Path isn't a religion per se. That is, it doesn't specify what Gods you must follow, but it does lay out a sort of moral and ritual framework. The foundation of the Homeward Path is that the Hearth is utterly sacred. The Hearth is not just one thing and it has both physical and metaphorical aspects. There are 3 Hearths, each equally sacred.

The Family Hearth- the physical home, the family, family bonds and home responsibilities. This means that your family and your home is a top priority. You can take pride in your homemaking, in your childrearing, in cooking, cleaning, decorating, homeschooling, gardening, landscaping, all of your household activities because they are sacred. Going to work, earning money, accolades from strangers, fame, fortune, not so sacred. It doesn't mean they're bad, they're just not a big deal.

The Earth (just move an H) - Is the Hearth of the community. We are responsible for maintaining this community Hearth as well as our family Hearth. We are responsible not only for its physical maintenance, but also for the care of our fellow Earthlings. We walk softly on the Earth and we show empathy for everything else that grows here.

The Heart - is our personal Hearth. We can talk about all the millions of bacteria that make us home and metaphorically compare our bodies to the Earth, our Hearts to our home Hearth, whatever. The point is that our bodies are as sacred as our homes and families and the Earth and our communities. We must take care of ourselves. If we don't care for ourselves, we can't take care of anyone else. Thus, our first and foremost priority must be to maintain ourSELVES in the best possible condition. We must strive to be the best version of ourselves.

That is pretty much it. The rest is window dressing. I have lots of window dressing that I'm happy to share, but don't feel that you have to dress your windows the way I dress mine.