The Homeward Path tradition is a homegrown, family tradition. It has evolved over many years of personal and group practice incorporating aspects of Hellenismos, traditional Witchcraft and Druidry along with a great deal of personal gnosis achieved during journey and conversations with Gods (particularly Eos, Hermes and Aphrodite). It came into being when a couple of traditional Witches, a Druids, a Shaman and a Hellenic Reconstructionist decided that since there weren't enough of "our own sort" within driving distance that we'd have to form a Circle of our own. We started by taking turns hosting each of us doing rituals the way we knew and we all learned from each other. Eventually a tradition came into being that wasn't exactly what any of us had started with but instead was something altogether new and satisfying to all. Some people left the Circle, (and the state) some new people came into the Circle. As more new children arrived the Circle became more child friendly. As the kids got older, became teenagers and lost interest our rituals became less kid-friendly again. Meanwhile, the Sacred Hearth cosmology which has over the years cemented into a distinct tradition though we still practice as traditional witches, Druids, Neo Shamans and Hellenic polytheists in our own homes, the Sacred Hearth tradition colors even that.

The Sacred Hearth Circle is a family Circle whose rituals and practices celebrate every phase of life from infancy to death. We have hosted open family-friendly gatherings providing a much-needed service to the local Pagan community and have written many of our rituals to be path-neutral in order to accommodate families from many different paths. Because of our background and history we have been able to do this with ease. We are pleased to share these rituals with you and your family and hope you will adapt them to your needs.

However, the The Homeward Path is more than a collection of path neutral family-friendly rituals. We have a clear understand of the Universe (as we know it) and our place in it as well as a close relationship with our Gods. I include this section not to recruit followers to this path, which I (of course) consider superior to any other and perfectly right for me and mine, but to give you an idea of where we're coming from with these rituals. I tried to come up with a clever name for this tradition, but I failed. It grew out of the Circle of the Sacred Hearth (which in turn grew out of the Circle of the Sacred Wheel) and so I guess it's just the Sacred Hearth tradition.