Here is a collection of articles I've written related to children and parenting in a magical household. Enjoy.

Books For Babies And Toddlers
There aren't a lot of picture/story books for the very young children of Pagans and witches.

Activity Books For Pagan Children And Families

Here is a collection of reviews of activity books for your Pagan child. These books are generally for kids from pre-school up to Middle School age. Most of these books are intended to teach children about magic or about spiritual concepts.

Circling Groups For Children
It is my experience that pagan parents usually have one of two choices when it comes to public (or private group) Sabbat and Esbat observations: Either leave their kids at home, or risk exposing them to some of the less desirable behaviors that are sometimes seen in the pagan community or the distaste of other pagan adults who do not approve of their presence- also distasteful. Many non-parents are concerned that children can't handle some of the "heavier" themes of these groups, but many parents will agree that kids are in many cases far better equipped to deal with "mysteries" than adults. Children are closer to their spiritual center than adults. Children are natural dreamers. Any child that can sit still through a story can sit through a guided meditation and any child that can sit still in school can sit through a 40 minute ritual. Drum circles, ecstatic dancing and processionals are a child's delight. Why leave them out?

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