Here is a collection of articles I've written related to children and parenting in a magical household. Enjoy.

latin: 'Anethum graveolens'
description: 'The feathery leaves of dill are both attractive and protective.'
history: 'Leaves of dill are sometimes called dill weed to distinguish it from dill seed. Dill leaves are best used fresh. The flowers are also sometimes used, especially in pickling.'
suggestions: "Dill seed can be made into a tea to relieve gas. Simply crack 2 tbsp of seeds lightly with a pestle and pour 2 cups water over them. Let it steep 1 hour. It is also used to sooth colic in infants. Nursing mothers are sometimes advised by holistic practitioners to drink dill tea to increase lactation and prevent colic in their babies. (Always consult your pediatrician before giving herbs to children and your own physician before using herbs while pregnant or lactating.)\n\nA sprig of dill may also be hung over the baby's crib for general protection.\n\nIt is said that hanging the flower head over the door will protect evil from entering and to wear dill will protect against sorcery. It is also said to attract money.\n\nIt was once called \"meeting house seed\" as people would chew it to stay alert during church services. Dill is soothing to those who are overwhelmed or stressed out.\n\nDill is used for flavoring dill pickles, not just cucumbers but many different vegetables. It is also tasty on fish and in salad dressings.\n\nIt is said that the scent of dill encourages lustful feelings. Fill a cloth with dill leaves, flowers and seeds and soak with it in a warm tub to make yourself irresistible.\n\nCombine powdered dry dill leaf with equal parts salt and sprinkle this throughout your home to break spells cast against your household, especially those spells designed to cause trouble in your relationships.\n\nThe lovely feathery leaves also make a great garnish as does the boldly attractive flower and seed head.\n"
nutrition: 'Dill is a good source of calcium, iron, manganese and magnesium'
comments: 'lust, courage, protection, soothing, focus, stress, money, children, uncrossing'
god: ''
element1: '2'
element2: '3'
planet1: '1'
planet2: '0'
zodiac1: '0'
zodiac2: '0'
season: '3'
sabbat: '0'
chakra: '0'
gender: '2'

Sharing Our Faith With Little Ones
I hear the question over and over: How do I teach my children about my Pagan religion? How do I teach them about magic? How do I teach them about my faith without forcing it on them?


Entertaining Toddlers Without Screens
Every mom needs 10-20 minutes without a toddler clinging to her leg; Whether it be to cook a meal, use the bathroom, or whatever. But plopping kiddo in front of the TV (as much as he loves Spider Man and His Amazing Friends and K'nect Party)  is not the ideal solution. It doesn't teach him anything, it smacks of neglect, and frankly, if I have to leave the room to do what I have to do I'm not comfortable with it. Since there's no food allowed in the room the TV is in, I can't very well cook a meal there. With all the noise from the TV, I can't listen to what he's doing either.

Lullabies For Little Pagans
For some families, bedtime can be a huge struggle and I don't want to be one of them. But as a Pagan family, we're looking for something a little different. We would like bedtime to be a little bit magical, very loving and to incorporate elements of our beliefs.

Fostering Gratitude
Gratitude is defined by the World English Dictionary as a feeling of thankfulness or appreciation, as for gifts or favors.

Stone Soup
This is more of an interactive storytelling thing that is a fun way to produce the communal meal at any gathering, especially while camping at a festival. It gets the kids involved and teaches a valuable lesson.

Creating Family Traditions
(Originally posted on 9/28/12) One question I hear very often in Parenting groups is "How do I raise my child in our Pagan tradition. And I confess, this question confuses me. If you are a Pagan, and you follow a Pagan tradition, and you are raising children, you are automatically going to raise your kids in that tradition, right? But no. That's not right because many folks were not raised in the tradition they practice as parents and so do not have the example of our parents to look to. To complicate matters further, many of us feel we must hide our practice and end up hiding it from our kids as well.

Little Rituals
(Originally blogged 11/20/14)
Before I begin, I feel that perhaps some definitions are in order. When I refer to rituals, I refer to meaningful things done over and over. These are not necessarily ceremonies, they need not be flashy. Rituals can be as simple as a kiss before bedtime, or picking up a coffee at your favorite shop at the way to work. Rather than setting things apart from the everyday as ceremonies do, rituals make things normal. Rituals are familiar. They make things comfortable and safe.

Stirring The Imagination
(Originally posted 11/17/14)
There is nothing so fascinating to me as a 3 year old’s imagination. At any moment he can be an animal, a super hero, a car, a vacuum cleaner or a person he knows. (And if you call him by the wrong name, he will correct you.) He’s constantly doing something. Often something that involves sound effects.

Storytelling In The Hallows
(Originally posted 10/15/2014 on my Blogger)
What is The Hallows? It is that big collection of sacred days that happen at the end of October/ beginning of November. Also known as Samhain, Halloween, The Feast of the Dead. This is a liminal period. Just a few days ago the leaves started to turn and in just a few more the trees will be bare. Every morning shimmers with frost on every blade of grass and fog tumbles into the lowlands. Summer is just gone. But winter's not quite here yet. What is there to do but party feverishly and foolishly in the fading sunlight.

Wishing Spells For Wee Ones
(I originally posted this on my Blogger on 6/21/2012)
Today is my birthday and I have more candles than ever to blow out for my birthday wish tonight! Thinking about wishes, I realize that alot of the ways I was taught to make wishes as a child really amount to casting spells. Really simple spells, but spells nonetheless. I thought I'd share a couple wishing spells I've used.

Spring Equinox Rituals With The Kids
This is a ritual in that you do it every year to mark the change of season. It's basically an Easter egg hunt with a bit of spirituality thrown in. It is not a ceremony. I have found that kids don't stand much on ceremony. This is an at-home activity you can do with your own kids. If you have a camp out or sleepover for the equinox, you could work it into the activities too. If you have quite a few kids, you may need to do some improvising.

Pagan Parenting (Advice)
Many Pagan parents are faced with questions that they are unable to find satisfactory answers to and I have thought deeply about these too. I can't claim to have all the answers, but I can share with you what I have learned in my own journey.

The Bones Of The Mother
Grain for an offering.
Food for the simple feast
A beverage for libations.
A ritual fire.

Child Naming Ceremony
A baby naming ceremony is, in many cultures, traditionally done when the baby is about a year old, though many people prefer to do it as soon as possible after the child’s birth. The reason for the year wait is simply because, until recently, most babies didn’t make it through their first year. If they did, they had a pretty good chance of making it to adulthood. This is not to say that the baby wouldn’t have a name before it was a year old, of course it would. A naming ceremony is the child’s official introduction into the family, clan or church. It is much like the baptism ceremonies performed by Christian churches and serves much the same purpose.

The Gift Of The Trees
You will need:
To be in an outdoor area with many different kinds of trees.
A tree identification book

Celebrating Diversity
This ritual is suitable for when the moon is waxing in Gemini or Aquarius.

Nature Books For Kids
These books are a special collection. Some are story books and some are activity books and some are a combination of the two. All of them are designed to inspire your child to go out and explore nature. They aren't all Pagan books, though some are, but they are all very suitable for Pagan children.

Story Books For Pagan Kids
Here is a collection of story books for small Pagan children. Not all of these stories are expressly Pagan, but they do carry Pagan themes or express Pagan family values.

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