The clever kitchen witch knows she need not look further than her pantry to find all the magical ingredients she could possibly need to whip up a spell for any occasion. There is magic in everything you eat and all you have to do to harness it is learn about it and prepare it with intention. Every food item, from the exotic to the mundane, has alchemical and magical properties. With knowledge of these properties, you can create a meal that's perfectly in balance, a meal that brings things into balance, or a meal that draws magical energies to help you achieve your goals. Here is a list of the magical qualities or correspondences of everyday foods so that you, the kitchen witch, can create your own magical recipes or discover the magical qualities of recipes you already prepare on a regular basis.

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Magical Energies in Everyday Foods

Browse 138 everyday foods to bring a little magic into your meals.


soothing, calming, stress, luck, money, abundance, employment


luck, health, wealth, business, success, gambling, money


wisdom, prosperity, intuition, research, weddings, inspiration


immortality, youth


prosperity, wisdom




blessing, energy, meditation, prophecy, psychic awareness, divination


love, rebirth, health, vision, peace, longevity, strength

Apple Cider

Harvest, celebration, gratitude, abundance


passion, romance, attitude, peace, sweeten disposition


lust, protection, personal growth


sex, lust, grounding, tonic


beauty, health, fertility, femininity, sex

Baking Powder

Baking Soda

Bamboo Shoots

luck, protection


sex, spirituality, love, money, inner child, prosperity, fun, wisdom, innocence, happiness


Money, prosperity, fertility, sex, offerings, potency


love, protection, harmony, money

Bay Leaf

psychic powers, achievement, education, creativity, divination, dreams, healing, protection, awareness, purification, wishing

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