Many families and circles celebrate with a formal ritual at the full moon and/or new moon and, of course, Sabbats. It can be a challenge to keep these activities engaging for children and, of course, it's helpful if they learn something while they're at it. Here is a collection of activities I have developed for use with groups with young children which you may find useful if you are involved with a family-oriented Circling group or Moon Day School activities.

Each activity introduces spiritual and magical concepts in a practical way so they are useful for beginners. I have also tried to create rituals that are somewhat generic that would apply to as broad a Pagan spectrum as possible so that parents can take the lead in teaching specific beliefs to their own children. Reconstructionists, eclectics, Druids and Wiccans alike will find both familiar and unfamiliar elements here. Please adapt the rituals to your specific path and needs.

Also, each activity assumes that it is being performed within the context of your own liturgy. That is, they are meant to be inserted into the ceremony (if there is a ceremony) wherever you deem it appropriate, though each activity can stand alone without a ceremonial introduction if that's what you prefer. The generic mixed group ritual outline or formal ritual outline for more context information or use the ritual outline best suited to your path. See also ritual groups for children.

Spring Equinox Rituals With The Kids

This is a ritual in that you do it every year to mark the change of season. It's basically an Easter egg hunt with a bit of spirituality thrown in. It is not a ceremony. I have found that kids don't...

Child Naming Ceremony

A baby naming ceremony is, in many cultures, traditionally done when the baby is about a year old, though many people prefer to do it as soon as possible after the child’s birth. The reason for the...