I am designing this program for my kindergartener's summer homeschool program. It should take 3 months to complete. We are doing a unit on Herbs at the same time, based on the Herb Fairies program, so we have quite a bit of overlap.

We are using The Science Chef by Joan D'Amico and Karen Eich Drummond and Exporing Kitchen Science from Exploratorium

Introduction to Kitchen Science

Read The Science Chef introduction. Discuss required skills and safety.
Read Exploring Kitchen Science Page 12-16 Food Science Basics

Living Food

Explore Fruit

  • Exploring Kitchen Science Page 28 "Fruit"
  • Hunt for Fruits at Home and the Store
  • TSC p 126 Ripe or Not Ripe
  • TSC p 55 Why does a cut apple turn brown
  • Create a Fruit Salad and Practice Knife Skills
  • Go strawberry picking at Spicer Orchard and make Strawberry Chia Jam

Explore Seeds

  • Hunt for Seeds in the Pantry and in the Store
  • The Wonderful World of Seeds EKS p 79

Plant the seeds to see if they will grow

  • TSC Chapter 1 Why Does Popcorn Pop?
  • Make a seed mosaic

Questions for the journal:
What does it mean to be alive? How can you tell if something's alive?
What is the difference between a fruit and a vegetable?
What do eating fruits and vegetables do for your body?
What is a seed?
What do eating seeds do for your body?
Where does our plant food come from?
How do we get plant food in winter?
Which spoils more quickly, fruits, vegetables or seeds? Why?
What happens when you put fruit in the blender? In the oven? Boil it?
What happens when you put seeds in the blender? In the oven? Boil them?

Exploring Vegetables

  • Return of the Veggies EKS pg 39
  • Explore Capillary Action with food coloring
  • Explore Natural Dyes EKS p 44
  • See Your Food Glow EKS p 46
  • Make a Food Dehydrator
  • Make Fruit Leather
  • Make a fruit tart


(Candied violets in Herb Fairies Cookbook)

  • Herbal Syrup

(Elderberry/Elder Flower)

Microorganisms in the Kitchen

Mold Terrarium EKS p 51
TSC p 165 What's Safe to Eat?
Start Sourdough
Yeast experiments - Measure CO2, what conditions make yeast most active?
Bacteria and Food Poisoning
Watch Osmosis Jones
Make Yogurt &/or Kefir
Ferment Vegetables
Growing bacteria https://www.stevespanglerscience.com/lab/experiments/growing-bacteria/


Salt Changes Water

  • Density Experiment EKS p 73
  • Temperature Experiments
  • Great Icescapes EKS p 87
  • Lava Lamps EKS p 88
  • Where does salt come from
  • Salting meat, esxperiment
  • Salt Glue Art Project
  • Salted Eggs
  • Pickle Power EKS p 82




  • Make Butter
  • Make Whipped Cream
  • Read EKS p 64
  • Color Explosion p 34




  • Agar Lab EKS p 24
  • Ooze EKS p 67
  • Roux TSC p 50
  • Make Pudding
  • Make Jello

(Jello building blocks? http://www.kiwicrate.com/projects/Jell-O-Building-Blocks/2100 )

  • Chia Seed jam
  • Tapioca Pudding


  • Universal Solvent
  • EKS p 38
  • Tea

And Lemon Balm Popsickles from the Herb Fairies Cookbook

  • Volume changes, heat and cold


  • Fast Ice Cream EKS p 62
  • Pressure Cooker EKS p 66
  • Waterbath Canning & Pressure Cooker Canning
  • Saturation Sugar/Salt
  • These Waters Don't Run EKS p 36

PH - Acids and Bases

  • EKS p 40 Soda Eruption
  • TSC p 72 What is Baking Powder/ Bubbles exp
  • Ceviche EKS p 75
  • Red Cabbage Reaveal EKS p 42
  • Flash Pickling EKS p 56

Food and Your Body

** Peanut Butter No Bake Bars

Sense of Taste

Factory Tours?