Books and Periodicals for Pagan Kids & Parents

I have a list of my own favorites in The Reading Room.

Barefoot Books
Wonderful story books that are Earth loving and diverse. Not necessarily Pagan, though they do have some of the best story book versions of some of our most enduring Pagan myths (Orpheus and Eurydice, Demeter and Persephone) that I have found. They also have lesson plans and arts and craft activities to go along with many of their books.

Articles and Emags

Pagan Parenting at Witchvox Various articles by various folks.

Pooka Pages is very cute with lots of coloring pages, stories and activities. They put out a new issue for each Sabbat.

Pagan Moonbeams is an e-magazine for Pagan parents and kids that hasn't had a new issue since 2012, but the old issues are still online and still good.


Pagan Homeschool Community on Facebook. Supportive folks will answer your questions and point you toward resources.

Language Learning

HeadventureLand offers practice activities, videos, worksheets and games for Latin, Spanish and Greek.

DinoLingo sells great, comprehensive learning sets for many different languages.

Worksheets and Printables

Little Pagan Acorns
Lots of printable worksheets, games, and more for you to incorporate into your lesson plans. There are a variety of subjects, alphabets, elements, numbers and even an intro to runes and some herbal notebooking pages.

Kid Zone offers more printables than you can shake a stick at, but they aren't specifically Pagan.

Notebooking Pages offers lots of neat notebooking resources, instructions and kits to download. Some of them are Christian. We overlook that.

STEM (and STEAM) Resources

(Science Technology Engineering (Art) Mathematics)

Green Kids Crafts offers STEM and creativity kits either singly or as a subscription that you can use to enhance your homeschooling or build your unit around. It's all based around Earth-friendly values and uses recycled materials. is a great website that allows kids to earn badges (you have to apply and pay for the badges) based on DIY projects they do at home. There is a community, lots of How-to videos and you can view videos and pictures of projects other kids have done. There's also support for setting up a Maker Club so you can earn badges with your friends. I'm really excited about this one!

Cover Schools

The Sacred Grove Academy is an Alabama-based cover school.

Spiral Academy is a Colorado-based cover school.