Pay off Credit Cards

My goal is to pay off my family's credit card debt so that we can save money and to Buy a Car and Create an emergency fund

As long as we carry credit card balances, we are paying extra on things we bought long ago. Eliminating our credit card debt will reduce our monthly expenses. A clear credit will give us a better credit score, to allow us to buy the car we need.

1. Do not use credit cards.
2. Pay extra on credit cards each month
3. Reduce spending elsewhere and put that money toward credit cards
A. Reduce grocery budget
B. Eat more meals at home
4. Increase income, put that money toward credit
A. Spend more time on Keen.
B. Work strategically on websites

Each month I will record my debts.

Date Card One Card Two
12/16 $2,227.58 $5,246.77


Goal Notes

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