The feast of midwinter takes place on the Winter Solstice. It is not the middle of winter, but really only a couple weeks in. Our winter lasts from pretty close to the end of November to April, though snow in October and April are quite common and frost can be expected in both September and May.

I have a lot to say about the Yuletide season and its various holidays. I celebrate Christmas with my family and a brief Yule Log Ritual on the day of the solstice. We have a Christmas tree and open presents on December 25th. I see no reason to argue about whose holiday it is because it's ours. We are family. When Grandmas and cousins and siblings and nieces and nephews and uncles and aunties are all getting together to eat huge amounts of food and sing songs and exchange gifts. Who cares where it came from. It's ours. Some of those people go to church before or after and we have to schedule around, but we don't all. Some are Jewish, some are Catholic, Presbyterian, Lutheran, atheist and me, the Polytheist. We're cool. We don't talk about politics and religion at family gatherings.

Midwinter is about appreciating the people in your life that make your life what it is.

We also take little ones to visit Santa to make their requests and get cute pictures. Because it's fun.

That is all. I guess I don't have much to say after all.

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