March 3, 2018
Waning gibbous in Libra
Cold, but melting

The snow has disappointed my plans for fence building, but hubs is confident it will melt soon. The birds have been restless at night and I have not been sleeping well either. I believe the full moon is to blame. It is especially bright at night with the moon reflecting off the snow. By day I can barely see for the brightness if I do not wear my sunglasses.

I have been watching the juncos play in the empty bird yard in the early morning before we let the birds out of their houses. We let the birds out at 8pm so the neighbors don't have to hear their morning songs too early and also to encourage the ducks to lay their eggs in the house, rather than all over the yard. But the juncos. They delight me. They are only here in winter. When they appear in the fall, we know that the first snows are right behind them. I have always loved them. My husband commented yesterday morning that he is surprised I didn't plant a burning bush for them at this house, since they so enjoyed the burning bushes at our old house. And now I must, of course, plant them some burning bushes. But where? I don't want to plant them in the bird yard where I have the best view of them. I must think on that. And I think I should draw some juncos too.

Friday, we went to the grocery store for food and toilet paper and to Family Farm and Home for more fencing materials. I also noted that they have duck food on sale, so I bought a bag. Of course, as soon as I got home, I realized we were nearly out of rabbit food, but we have enough to last the week until I get paid on Thursday, I think.

Since we are unable to finish the fence, I spent some time cleaning up the male rabbit cages. The behavior of the two male rabbits is so different, it kind of blows my mind. When I let Doc out of his cage to run around the room, he spent a lot of time in my lap getting pets. His cage took a long time to clean, due to the many pet breaks. Max on the other hand has no interest in me and makes a beeline for Doc's cage the minute he's released and he spends much of his time sniffing Doc through the bars, which requires him to sit on top of the mealworm boxes. The mealworms don't seem to mind. If he is on the floor and I try to pet him he scampers off, waggling his ears and kicking his feet up at me like the sassiest little brat. I give my rabbits cardboard boxes to play with and hide in. Doc is determine to destroy his. He chews on it and throws it around his cage and basically makes a ruckus all night long with the thing. Each time I clean the cage he gets a new box because the other box has been reduced to little shreds on the bottom of the cage. Max, on the other hand, uses his as a house. When I come open the cage, Max runs into his house and sticks his head out till I finish my business (food, litter box, etc.) and he also sleeps in there. He has had the same box for several months, though I am replacing it now because it's all pee-stained. When I go into Doc's cage, he chases my hand around trying to shove his head under it for pets. It takes a lot longer to do anything for Max than Doc. Both are good bunnies though. I can pick either up with no problem, though neither particularly enjoy it. Rabbits don't like getting picked up. Both act like I'm killing them when I trim their nails and hide their heads in the armpit of whoever is holding them till it's over. And both have given me an impatient nip. Just one.

I cleaned the dining room furniture with wood oil and, since I know it's not going to be any better on Sunday, I picked up a second shift on Sunday. So I will be working 17 hours on Sunday. We need the money. This is pushing the fence project out to Wednesday at the earliest. Ugh.

This morning, we went to the park to look at animal tracks in the snow and my little guy made a bandana with animal track stamps. Unfortunately, he got hungry and unreasonable and we had to leave and the bandana got left behind. Hopefully I can stop by and pick it up again Monday. In honor of the Crow Moon, I counted crows everywhere I went for the last few days. So far, a little bit of sorrow, a lot of joy and a girl.

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