Wednesday, March 8, 2018
Waning Gibbous in Sagittarius

Second Winter is in full swing with 8 inches of snow and a snow day off of school. This required a ridiculous amount of driving around to make sure my kiddo was supervised for the two ours between when my husband left for work and I got off work yesterday. Way too much time on the road and I was completely exhausted by the time I got home, well after noon, from my overnight shift. It's just as well, because there's not much we can do when the ground is frozen.

Regardless of how cold it is this weekend, we will have to prune our old apple tree, so I went on Amazon and ordered some tools to support this, including some Tanglefoot tree wound sealant and a new pruning saw. And also some new scrub pants for me. I also placed an order with Strictly Medicinal: lemon balm, Mexican Marigold, comfrey and Roman chamomile and then I went to and ordered some American Arborvitae and some Eastern Redcedar to make myself a little privacy hedge. And that was my budget for this week.

I have decided to put some Turken eggs under Sugar. I thought Ninjagirl was going to go broody, but she has changed her mind so I am putting her eggs under Sugar. I wanted to grab some more today, but I'm stuck at the office and they're likely to be frozen by the time I get home, depending where they decide to lay them. Fingers crossed for some delicious chicken in a few months. There is still no sign of baby rabbits in our rabbit colony, so I am going to bring Penny and Rita in to spend some time with Max this weekend and see if we can remedy that.

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