This is a work in progress guide to go with my 2017 schedule calendar.

Moonphase Moon Sign Activity Avoid
New moon Aries
Waxing Aries Dig, harvest, prepare beds, turn compost, plant cane fruit, irrigate
Full moon Aries Weed and hunt bugs, plant grain crops, broadcast crops, fodder crops
Waning Aries Weed and hunt bugs, start compost, dig, harvest, dry/dehydrate for storage, prepare beds, turn compost, dry/dehydrate for storage
New Moon Taurus Plant leafy greens, brassicas, corn, grass, cucumbers, celery, most herbs, fodder
Waxing Taurus Plant melons, squash, beans, solanaceae
Full Moon Taurus Plant root crops and bulbs, transplant anything
Waning Taurus Transplant, start compost
New Moon Gemini Harvest and cure root vegetables, squashes & fruit for dry storage, fertilize
Waxing Gemini plant melons, dig
Full Moon Gemini seek & destroy pests & weeds
Waning Gemini weed, spray, mulch, divide perennials, plant flowering trees and shrubs, harvest seeds
New Moon Cancer Plant leafy greens, grasses, fodder, corn, brassicas, cucumbers, graft trees, fertilize
Waxing Cancer Plant beans, squash, melon, solanaceae, graft trees, irrigate
Full Moon Cancer Transplanting anything, irrigate
Waning Cancer Start compost
New Moon Leo Harvest and cure for dry storage No planting
Waxing Leo Harvest and cure for dry storage, plant cane fruit
Full Moon Leo Improve soil, plant grains, fodder, broadcast crops
Waning Leo Search and destroy weeds and pests, spray, mulch
New Moon Virgo Take cuttings
Waxing Virgo Plant root vegetables, fruiting vines
Full Moon Virgo Plant perennial fruiting vines and flowers and root vegetables
Waning Virgo Weed, set traps & spray for pests, mulch, mow
New Moon Libra Plant/transplant fragrant flowers and herbs, roses
Waxing Libra Plant/Transplant fruiting and flowering vines and roses
Full Moon Libra Plant perennial flowers, pick foods for eating fresh
Waning Libra Divide perennials, plant flowering trees and shrubs
New Moon Scorpio Plant forage, corn, take cuttings
Waxing Scorpio Plant/transplant solanaceae
Full Moon Scorpio water, transplant, graft, prune, pick foods for eating fresh
Waning Scorpio Prune or graft trees & shrubs, harvest and cure root vegetables for dry storage, spray for pests, mow
New Moon Sagittarius Plant fruit trees, harvest and cure root vegetables for dry storage
Waxing Sagittarius Plant onions, grain crops, fodder, cane fruit
Full Moon Sagittarius Fertilize, harvest root vegetables, plant trees, perennials, shrubs, cane fruit, strawberries, grain crops, fodder
Waning Sagittarius Fertilize, prune, cut, spray for pests, thin plants
New Moon Capricorn Graft
Waxing Capricorn Pruning for growth and healing, plant root vegetables
Full Moon Capricorn Plant root vegetables (esp potatoes)
Waning Capricorn Fertilize, spray for pests
New Moon Aquarius Harvest and cure for dry storage
Waxing Aquarius Plant onion sets
Full Moon Aquarius dig
Waning Aquarius Search & destroy weeds and pests, divide perennials, plant flowering trees and shrubs
New Moon Pisces Plant and transplant grains, celery, brassicas
Waxing Pisces Plant melons, squash, solanaceae
Full Moon Pisces Plant root vegetables
Waning Pisces Water, fertilize, start compost, spread mulch, compost, spray for pests

Never sow during eclipses and nodes

Basic Ideas

Moon phases

Full Moon
Dig horseradish. During drought, plant just before the full moon.
Produce picked closest to the full moon will have the best fresh flavor.
Divine perennials in 3rd and 4th quarters

Plant trees and perennials in the 3rd quarter for good root growth

New Moon
Harvest root vegetables

Moon Signs

Element Signs Nature Good For Key Word
Earth Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Dry, Fertile All root vegetables Root
Air Gemini, Aquarius, Libra Moist, Barren Flowers Flower
Fire Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Dry, Barren Seed crops, nuts, fruit trees, fruiting vines Seed
Water Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces Moist, Fertile All leafy greens, herbs Leaf

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