Place coffee or tea on the altar, facing East.

Light a candle.

Standing with palms up recite The Orphic Hymn to Eos

Perform three Sun Salutations.

Perform all "warm up" poses listed at

Then perform 3 more sun salutations.

On during the lunge on the last salutation, bring your front leg around into pigeon pose. Lean forward, touching your forehead to the floor and meditate here for a moment.

Swing your back leg around to the front underneath your forward leg into cow face pose. Clasp your hands behind your back and meditate a moment.

Place the opposing elbow on your top knee, raise your knee and twist your body, using the elbow as a pivot moving smoothly into the half Lord of Fishes pose. Then switch elbows and twist the other way.

Now swing your leg back out into pigeon pose again. Move your leg back into plank position and continue with your sun salutation.

On the next lunge, with the other leg forward, drop into pigeon pose again and repeat the above with the other leg on top.

Do 3 more sun salutations.

On the final upward dog, back yourself up into child's pose. Visualize Eos preparing her chariot for her morning journey, mounting her chariot and rising forth over the edge of the world, brushing away the darkness with a sweep of her hand and making way for the light.

Move into hero pose and continue to meditate for several moments, visualizing Eos moving across the sky painting it vibrant colors and scattering silvery dew in her wake. Imagine as she does this that she is wiping away the past, making way for the new. Making the world a clean slate. Think about the things you will begin today and the things that should be over.

After several moments open your eyes.

Eos, Goddess of Dawn who makes all things new. On this and every morning I honor you with deepest gratitude for revealing another new day full of limitless potential. I ask that you look with favor upon this one who adores you, [name], your student and child. As I prepare my morning meal I ask that you accept this offering and as I prepare to start my day I thank you also for the inspiration your glorious attendance sparks, to let my own light shine for all to see.

Place some food and drink in the offering dish on the altar and drink your tea meditative silence as you watch the sun come up. (Not always possible to watch the sun come up… pretend)