This ritual is meant to be performed each day before one prepares the evening meal. First clean off the counter, put away dishes, sweep the floor, clear off the dining table- make the kitchen into a worthy temple of Hestia. Then wash your hands and face, put back your hair, put on a clean apron and prepare to begin.

Place a candle in the center of the stove (i.e. the hearth) alternatively, you can place it on the hearth of the fireplace if you have one.

Graceful Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth, guardian of the sacred Home.
Your place is first, it is also last, you are the center
Give me strength and good will to do all I need to provide my family with a happy home.
Bless this food I now prepare that all who consume it may find strength in it and may know your blessings.
Be with us as our family gathers together to share our evening meal
May my Home always be as your sacred Temple
May this Hearth always fill the hearts of those who approach it with warmth and love.
May your peace, strength and protection be with us tonight and always
Praised and blessed be you, Hestia.

Begin preparations for your meal. Before turning on the stove, remove the candle to the center of the dining table. I place it in the center of a large dish into which I will place the first and last portion of the meal. Keep the candle lit through the meal and take the offering outside after you have finished cleaning up.