This ritual is meant to be part of a larger ritual and may be done at the opening of ceremonies. It was created in an effort to make a public ritual more "eclectic-friendly" but it was somewhat of a failure. It just confused people and left them wondering about the strange Quarter calling and when I was going to open the circle (no official Circle here, just circular movements). However, I liked it, so I kept it for personal use. It is a nice way to honor the various families of Gods when the ritual you are doing doesn't focus on any God in particular, to open individual rites of passage or just because gatherings. We don't use it often, but it's nice when we do. When the ceremony includes a feast, this should be done at the start of the feast. Begin with a bottle of fine wine, and/or a bowlful of grain. At each station, pour wine or throw grain into the direction indicated.

Into the Fire for Hestia, the first and last
Holy Hestia, the first and last, accept this libation and honor from we who worship and honor you. Bless our homes that they may always be a haven and a temple in your honor. Bless our hearths that they may warm the hearts of all who approach.

To the North to the The Olympians
Blessed Gods, ruled by Queen Hera and Zeus, her husband who watch over men and women from High Olympus; May your honor be great. May your names be spoken with reverence by men and women until the end of time. Wise Athene, far-shooting Artemis, shining Apollo, skilled Hephaestus, lovely Aphrodite, fiery Ares, mighty Poseidon, wild Dionysus, gentle Hebe and well-spoken Hermes who will carry this message; To you all do we offer this libation and our praise.

To the East to The Hyperides, Selene, Eos, Helios
To the bright children of Hyperion who order our days and nights, our months and years, whose wise father first explained the motion of the Universe, we offer this libation and our praise. Bright Helios who warms the Earth and feeds all things green, graceful Selene who marks our feast days and our path at night, and glorious Eos who washes the Earth clean with dew as she heralds each new day and a new start for each of us. Accept these offerings and our praise!

To the South for The Titans, The Gods of Old, Prometheus who gave us Fire
To the elder Ones, the Titans who came before. You who were the beginning of primordial order in Chaos. And Prometheus who gave us fire that we may use its powers of creation and, in thanks, may give offerings to the Gods. Accept this libation and our praise.

To the West for The Chthonoi, Persephone, Demeter, Hades, Hecate
To the Chthonoi, Gods of death and rebirth. To Hades, Persephone, Demeter and Hecate. Those who know your mysteries need never fear death. Accept this libation and our praise!

To the Sky for Oranous, father of us all
Ouranos, father of us all, mate of the Earthmother Gaia, accept this libation and our praise!

To the Earth for Gaia, mother of us all
Gaia, Earthmother, you are our Mother, our Home and our paradise. We thank you for life and the beauty and mystery that surrounds us. Accept this libation and our praise and grant that we might always be mindful of You.

All the People Partake
If the libation is edible or drinkable (As opposed to oil or raw grain), it may be passed at this time among the participants of the ritual for all to taste. Participants may wish to share a blessing as they pass and receive the offering, such as "May you never hunger" or "May you never thirst".

Alternatively, each may have their own drinking bowl and partake at this time.

Even more alternatively, each may have their own bowl through the whole rite, each pouring a libation at the start of each prayer and drinking the remainder as the prayer continues. The bowls should be refilled between each libation.

At the end…

Into the fire for Hestia, the first and last
Sweet Hestia, guardian of the hearth, accept this libation and our praise. May our homes always be worthy of your presence and our hearths reflect your grace.