Some Kitchen Witches’ Recipes
Cooking as an artistic and magical expression is the quintessential Kitchen Witch activity. Kitchen witchery is a form of everyday alchemy. Kitchen Witchery recognizes that all of our food contains living energy that becomes a part of us when it is consumed. It recognizes that every thing has its own unique energetic signature that can alter and be altered by the energetic signature of the Witch who prepares it and those who consume it. Therefore, every bite of food we consume has the power to magically transform us in ways that we choose by carefully selecting ingredients and by preparing them in a mindful way.
You will find many recipes in this section that are quite mundane in the hands of the layperson but become powerful spells with a little preparation, focused intent and careful selection of ingredients, these everyday meals are transformed into powerful spells.
If you are a new kitchen witch, I hope that the information we’ve provided here will help you get a good start on this magical journey. If you’re an experienced kitchen witch, I invite you to share your knowledge and add a recipe if you feel so inclined. Either way, I hope you’ll drop in on me and some of my fellows at the Kitchen Witch Corner Facebook group and say hi!

Apple Butter
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Apple Butter

Apple butter is spiced, cooked apples made smooth and delicious for spreading on toast or serving over waffles. This recipe is my favorite way to use up a big harvest…

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