Welcome to the Black Grammalia

This Grimoire is a collection of traditions, spells, rituals, activities, recipes and more that we as a family have collected over the years. Our rituals focus on the Hearth and Home and tend to honor Hellenic deities. They may also be heavily flavored with ADF Druidry, as that’s the closest thing to organized religion we’ve had in a while and we find their liturgical calendar to be much more practical than most Hellenic options. Because we are the only Neo-Hellenic polytheist Kitchen Witch Druids we know, and because we enjoy practicing with our fellow Pagan friends and sometimes with our Christian friends, many of the rituals I have recorded here are somewhat generic in nature and should be easily adaptable. You will see shades of Wicca here because the Wiccan format is the most available and what most of our guests are comfortable with, but you won’t learn anything about Wicca here if that’s what you’re looking for. In fact and I’m sure you won’t find anything here that would be considered liturgically correct by… anybody.

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