WTH Ch Moving In
Choosing an auspicious moving in date

Friday- Unlucky

Thursday - Best day

Rain on moving day is bad luck

Waxing moon

The first time you enter, you should go by the main door and you should go out by the same door the first time you leave.

Bring bread- most useful food, symbolic of hospitality and bounty, always having enough to share, salt- the most important spice and a brand new broom- symbolic of setting up a new domestic situation.

Bring in the light

Light a candle and carry it through the house to the center of the home. If you can safely do so, leave it burning all night.If you know the chimney has been cleaned recently, light a fire in the hearth. Otherwise, wait till you’ve had the sweep in. On a more practical note, you should have your furnace serviced ASAP and make sure it works.

Cleaning House

WTH Ch Moving In
When we move into a new space, it is foreign to us as we are to it. This doesn’t mean that it’s uncomfortable or unfriendly, just different and maybe a little awkward. It takes a while to settle into a new place and it takes awhile for a place, with all of its existing energies and habits, to get used to us. So it pays to take some time to get to know one another.

Bring in the Best Energy You’ve Got

Tradition says that the first things you should bring into your home are bread, salt, and a broom.

Get to Know the Property

I have seen many people advise that the first thing you should do is cleanse the entire space of all the energies from the previous occupants. I am not sure I think this is a good idea right out of the gate. It might be necessary eventually, but the energy your new space contains is its energy. It might be wonderful. If it’s not, we can re-mediate, but if it is, you might be missing out.

This is especially true of the yard and gardens. If you come in right away tearing stuff up and planting, you could miss out on some delightful perennial and re-seeding annual surprises. If you’re in too much of a hurry to brush hog that messy back corner of the yard, you could miss out on wildflower volunteers the former owners didn’t even know about. While it may be necessary to install a fence or find a bit of dirt for the perennials you brought in from your old home immediately, I recommend taking a full growing season off of landscaping to get to know your property before you do anything major. This will also help you avoid the unpleasantness of discovering that, for example, the space you spent weeks preparing and fencing for your vegetable garden spends the first two months of spring fully submerged under water. If you’d waited a bit, you could

Throw a Housewarming Party

WTH Ch Spirits of the House and Home
Spirits of House and Home

Some people have an animistic worldview, finding spirit everywhere they look. Every tree, every stone even has a spirit, a personality, opinions and preferences. There is a long tradition of places and buildings having spirits, the house and land wights honored by Heathen traditions, the Genius loci of ancient Rome. Even ideas can take on a life of their own. And so it is no great stretch to believe that your home, the land that surrounds it and even your family have their own unique spirit beings attached to them and that they have a place in a home-centered spiritual practice.

The Egregore of Home

An egregore is a thoughtform entity that is created by the collective thoughts, desires, and common goals of a group. The egregore begins to develop a Will of its own, which influences the individual actions and decisions of the group. Households naturally form these collective consciousness entities by simply working together for the common well-being of the family unit. When I think of “home”, this is what I am thinking of, our family egregore. The house is the vessel the egregore resides in. It may infuse itself right into the very walls if your family spends many years in the same house, or it may travel easily from place to place, if your family moves around a lot.

The more involved in each others’ lives and the more interested in the welfare of the household its members are, the more powerful the egregore will be. Recognizing your home as an egregore of your family group, containing your family’s personality and collective consciousness, allows you to consciously work to strengthen its Will in the direction of your family’s needs. That is, you can use your egregore as you might use a servitor spirit or other thoughtform to help you in your magical workings for the benefit of your family. However, you do not have to go as far as conjuring and commanding your home egregore to get it to work for you. Your home egregore is a part of your family. It feels about your family the way most members of your family feel about it, it is guided by the family’s general attitude and it will put forth effort to keep your family together and moving forward in the direction your family’s energy is indicating it wants to go. It can be strengthened or weakened and guided by your actions, just like other members of your family can. And, if you learn to listen to it and learn from it, it can guide you toward actions that are best for your family and prevent you from taking actions that will cause resentment and discontent in the household- or at the very least mitigate them when they are unavoidable.

Engaging with the Egregore

If you wish to engage with your home egregore, the first step is to acknowledge that it exists and to spend some time getting to know it. This is best accomplished through meditative observation. Observe your family’s interactions quietly and note their attitudes toward each other and the family as a whole, toward the house and neighborhood they live in, what are their individual values, and what things do they have in common? Make sure while you are making these observations that you are also observing yourself. Calmly, meditatively observe these things and think about how they are all part of a larger, conscious being of which you are all a part. All of these attitudes, ideas and values are those of the egregore of your home.

Once you’ve got an idea of your egregore’s personality, you may wish to make it more “real” to you by giving it a more concrete reality. You may do this by giving it a name, a physical appearance and/or creating an altar to it.

Naming the home egregore

To me, the name of the egregore is “Home”. It represents everything my family is and does and worries about and strives for as a whole. It lives inside my house and it has been there with me for many houses and has grown and changed as family members have passed in and out of each one. Its name is Home. You, however, may feel like this is not suitable for such a being and may have a much more creative and/or appropriate name for it. Whether you choose to call it Home or something else, a naming ceremony will remind you that it is a real thing, let it know that you know that, and set a foundation for future workings.

Building a vessel for your egregore

If you live in your dream house and everyone who lives there delights in it, then your physical residence is your home’s vessel.

Creating an altar to the egregore

Creating an altar to the egregore gives you a place to focus your attention when you are thinking about things that affect the family as a whole and it gives you a place to simply appreciate what a blessing (or trial) your family is to you. Here, you can meditate on solutions to problems that affect the family, work divination to help you find the path that is right for everyone, and cast spells to improve the family situation.

Place your altar where your family likes to gather. If it’s in the kitchen, around the dining room table, on the pool deck or on the couch in front of the TV, these are the places your egregore will be happy to reside. A small shelf affixed to the wall or a cleared spot on the counter will do for a simple altar. You may wish to frame and hang items on the wall for an artistic, vertical display, or you may want to sprawl your altar boldly across the top of a designated piece of furniture. Whatever best suits your family’s style is how it should be done.

Your home egregore altar should represent your household unit as a whole. It should contain symbolic items that represent who you are, together. For example, if you are all involved in sports together, photos of you engaging in sports and sports memorabilia might adorn your altar. If you are all very spiritual, you may choose to include spiritual relics and images. If you are all engaged in politics, then political paraphernalia may be appropriate. You may also want to include items that show how you got together and where you came from. If you and your housemates met at college, you may wish to include something with your college’s logo on it, or graduation photos. If you are all related, then images of your ancestors are highly appropriate (and your egregore altar can double as an ancestor altar too, if you like). If you are a married couple, then a wedding photo is perfect. In any case, group photos containing everyone in the household are also appropriate.

If you are creating this altar as a group, ask each person involved to find an item that says “home” and/or “family” to them to contribute to the altar.

You can incorporate your egregore altar into regular rituals in which your family talks about things that concern them or counts their blessings. Periodically light a candle to the egregore and speak aloud your gratitude for its blessing.

Magick with the Home Egregore

Consulting the Egregore

Drawing with the Egregore

Banishing with the Egreogore

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