Eos is the Goddess of the Dawn and one of my "patrons". (I really hate the word patron in this context, I prefer tutelary Goddess, but nobody ever knows what I mean.) Eos is the Goddess who has done the most to shape my spirituality and my understanding of the way the Universe works. She has been most active in my education and provided me with several visions to help guide me in my life and practice.

I thought I'd share a vision she gave me once to help describe Her true nature. Without providing too much of a background story which would make this blog incredibly long and boring and more about me than Her, let's just say, I was at a crossroads and had recently been informed that I was no fighter. This rankled me. When Eos informed me that I was Hers, not Battle's (and Battle agreed wholeheartedly) I was even more rankled and said something along the lines of "Dawn may be nicer than Battle, but it doesn't accomplish much." Yes, I can be a snotty brat.

Here was Eos's reply:

I am standing in the center of a battlefield and War is all around me. Men and women slaughter each other with various weapons, guns, knives, their bare hands. They wear armor of all sorts, from Kevlar to bronze. Darkness falls and the battle carries on into the night. Finally the fighting stops and the survivors go their way, War in the lead upon a chariot drawn by red horses. Then the sun rises and Eos steps onto the scene as it is bathed in light. From the edges of the field come many people and they approach the casualties. Some sob over corpses, some lift up the injured and carry them away. Some provide first aid right there on the field. Some began looting corpses. Then the image faded.

The end.

It seems very simple and uninteresting when typed up, but I assure you it was very profound to see as a vision. It makes sense. It isn't until after the Dawn that everything is revealed. The body count, the winners and losers, the true cost of anything. Eos has always been the one who showed me the truth, but in reality, Dawn shows the truth of all things. Dawn pushes back the darkness so that we can see what it hides, what the final result is. It's not always nice. And while knowing the truth/the result/the consequence doesn't always accomplish much. Sometimes it does.

Eos has told me that my purpose is not to do battle. It isn't to strive against those things that drive me crazy. No. My purpose, my mission is Hers. Illumination.

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