The heart, the center of the body (sort of) is the hearth of our personal selves. While many Pagans, especially women, feel that altruism is a great virtue, the Sacred Hearth tradition understands that one cannot take care of others unless one takes care of oneself.

We are sacred vessels of creation. By caring for ourselves we honor the gift of life which we have been given.

I will honor my body through daily exercise. I will eat healthful, natural, whole foods in moderation.
I will honor my mind through constant learning. I will continue to seek knowledge throughout my life.
I will honor my spirit through meditation and relaxation exercise. I will surround myself with positive, loving people.

Through these efforts I am a strong person who can care for others as well as the planet. I am armed with the knowledge to make the best decisions for those who depend upon me for their survival. I am physically capable of doing the work required to provide for the welfare of my family. I am patient, kind and loving because I have nurtured my soul and because of this I am able to provide gentle guidance to those who seek my wisdom and tender nurturance to those who need my care.


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